Why H202 Decontamination

If you’re new to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in decontamination or are new to decontamination general, the question why you should use H2O2 rather than the alternatives may be uppermost in your mind.

At Bio Decon, we believe that using H2O2 in decontamination is just about the most effective, viable cleanup process available for the majority of occasions.

No doubt it is not right for every situation, as it is an extremely harsh process. But there are a lot of good reasons to use this type of decontamination in your environment if hygiene is a primary concern, or you have experienced superbug infections.

Increasingly resistant bacterial forms

Over the years we have seen more resilient strains of bacteria, which are no longer eliminated by traditional decontamination and cleaning processes. This has made it extremely difficult for pharmaceutical, farming, biohazard site, healthcare and medical managers to create an effective plan to provide and maintain a thoroughly decontaminated environment.

The power of H2O2 decontamination

H2O2 to decontaminate is incredibly powerful. Hydrogen peroxide, in its undiluted state, is extremely deadly. It is incredibly good at killing all forms of life.

When decontaminating environments a diluted form of hygiene peroxide is used in a combination of gas and vapour to ensure every area of the room and equipment is touched. No spot is left untreated. This is a big advantage as in this form of vapour treatment nowhere is missed.

Effectiveness of H2O2 decontamination on soft materials

It’s one thing cleaning hard surfaces and floors, even walls, it is quite another cleaning fabrics and other more challenging materials. Studies show that H2O2 decontamination in vapour form is extremely effective on these difficult to decontaminate areas. By choosing this type of decontamination you are ensuring a higher level of decontamination than by using other methods available in the market. Minute traces of a superbug or other biohazard left after a decontamination process can quickly become another outbreak, so this process will ensure maximum coverage, and maximum cleaning impact. We believe the only way to get the best decontamination is to use hydrogen peroxide and use it in the manner we do.

H2O2 is water plus one oxygen molecule

The beauty of H2O2 is that it is essentially water with one extra bound oxygen molecule. The bond of the second oxygen molecule is relatively weak, and within a matter of hours, hydrogen peroxide becomes water.

Therefore the area treated is left with zero noxious gases or harmful agents, and just water. This is a wonderful characteristic of hydrogen peroxide that makes it suitable for a variety of environments.

The important thing is that you can control and quarantine the area while treatment is being carried out.

Why clinical settings should use H2O2 decontamination

In clinical settings particularly, such as in operating theatres, preop wards, and postoperative wards, the potential for infection or even death due to an unhygienic environment is high. Also, the superbugs often take roots and then spread, or enter from other areas of the hospital. Hospitals are breeding grounds for resistant microorganisms. It is no longer possible to maintain confidence in cleaning processes without the use of decontamination systems that are guaranteed to eliminate and destroy 100% of the target bio-organisms.

When Bio Decon enters a clinical setting to decontaminate, we ensure all the areas are quarantined and use all the best practice safety procedures so that both our staff and other people working there are also safe.

H2O2 decontamination in other settings

It isn’t just clinical medical settings in which we are called to utilise H2O2 to decontaminate.

As mentioned earlier, we have many farming clients who use the service to decontaminate the environment where they keep their livestock to make sure it is hygienic.

We also get called to biohazard situations caused by accidents or occasionally terrorist attacks. In fact, we work with a number of different sectors on a regular basis and can cooperate with any client who is seeking to eliminate and destroy microorganisms in their functional areas.

We test success in minutes

One of the main advantages of our decontamination process with hydrogen peroxide is that we are able to check the environment a few minutes after we have finished the job.

We use enzyme tests and can assure decontamination to a level of 6 log in minutes using our sister company PROTAK SCIENTIFIC. This is not necessarily one of the general advantages of H2O2 to decontaminate, as this part of the processes unique to ourselves.

However, it is a big reason that many of our clients choose to use us, and our H2O2 decontamination system.

If you’re ready to find out more about how the BioDecon H2O2 decontamination process works then get it touch today on phone number 01904 450959, drop us an email info@biodecon.co.uk or contact us through one of our web forms.

If you’re still struggling to understand exactly how the process works, and how it could be deployed in your environment, then our advisers will be more than happy to discuss with you on the phone or to organise a site visit to create an action plan.

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