Where are you most likely to contract Coronavirus?

Where are you most likely to contract Coronavirus?

From Universities, schools, pubs and restaurants, various possibilities have been circulating about where you are most likely to contract Coronavirus. But recent data has shown supermarkets are the current hot spot for contracting COVID-19.

Since Coronavirus landed in the UK, we saw a peak in Coronavirus cases. This resulted in a nation lockdown to help control the spread of the virus. As cases began to reduce, restrictions were relaxed but were soon imposed again as we began to enter the second wave. But with an increase in positive Coronavirus test results, what sectors are and have been causing an increase in Coronavirus cases?

Previous data has shown shopping, attending childcare, educational institutions and eating out to be top places contributing to a rise in Coronavirus cases, alongside places people attended before testing positive for Coronavirus. But new data from Public Health England is showing supermarkets to now be a common exposure setting for catching Coronavirus.

Using the NHS track and trace app, Public Health England has been collecting data between the 9th and 15th of November; based off members of the public who are using the app and have then tested positive for COVID-19 to see where transmission of the virus is most common.

The data collected from PHE shows from those who have tested positive for Coronavirus, 18.3% of these people stated they had visited a supermarket before testing positive. The results were gained after the analysis of 128, 808 people using the track and trace app, followed by the retracing of steps of people who have tested positive for Coronavirus.

This data indicates that supermarkets are to be the most common place that people have visited before testing positive for Coronavirus. But despite these results, Public Health England has stated they can’t prove this is where people are contracting Coronavirus.

Currently, in the UK, Coronavirus cases have now surpassed 1.4 million, with 53, 000 people killed; leaving Hull in East Yorkshire as one of the most infected regions in the UK.

Research shows the transmission of Coronavirus is the most common in England, with supermarkets being the most common place for transmission. After supermarkets, came secondary schools at 12.7%, then primary schools 10.1%, followed by hospitals 3.6% and care homes at 2.8%.

As supermarkets are one of the few businesses which have been allowed to stay open through COVID-19 national restrictions, tiers and lockdowns, these results may come as no surprise for many; especially with supermarkets being one of the few places people have been able to visit during the lockdown. But in order to help control the spread of the virus, it is vital you still wear your face covering, unless exempt, wash hand regularly and keep your distance.

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