What we know about the two new 90-minute Coronavirus tests

What we know about the two new 90-minute Coronavirus tests

Since COVID-19 has rippled across the globe, health organisations and governments have been working to bring about new strategies to help tackle the virus. But early this month the government have announced the release of two new tests for COVID-19 which can give results back in as little as 90 minutes!

The two new tests, LamPore and DnaNudge, can detect COVID-19 and even flu and other seasonal illnesses. As concerns, over a second peak of COVID-19 in winter months lingers, these tests will become invaluable and are said to be lifesaving. The tests will be rolled out in hospitals, care homes and healthcare facilities in the coming months, with some tests even available now!

What is the difference between the two new tests?

The LamPore test works by acknowledging an active infection within someone. Similar to the current testing system, the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) which requires the swabbing of nose and tonsils, the LamPore uses a method called RT-LMAP. This method is used to identify Coronavirus by taking a nasal, throat or saliva sample! The sample is then amplified and tested using sequencing technology, which is what identifies if the virus is present.

Whereas the DnaNudge test uses a miniature analyser. A swab sample is placed into a cartridge and ‘NudgeBox’ where it is then analysed. The DnaNudge is also able to eliminate false negatives from testing inadequate swabbing which is an exciting feature of this test.

Why are these two new tests significant?

In regards to the LamPore test, experts believe saliva testing is much more accurate in comparison to using swabs. This is because there is less room for error. And on the plus side, saliva testing is less invasive and much more comfortable having a swab scrape your nose and throat.

These new tests are extremely quick. Both tests do not have to be sent off to a lab which is speeding up the processing time for results. Whereas current testing using the swab test (PCR) is taking anywhere between 24 and 72 hours to process samples.

The LamPore is being named the rapid swab test. In just around 60 to 90 minutes of being tested the results are ready.

The DnaNudge test looks for the COVID-19 virus in nose swab samples and is able to provide a positive or negative result in 90 minutes.

The release of these new tests will help increase the capacity of testing with the aim to test over 500, 000 people a day.

When will these new tests be available?

The new LamPore tests are now available within NHS laboratories, with around 450,000 tests currently accessible. Later this year more tests will become available, including in care homes.

DnaNudge tests have currently already been used within hospitals within London, but as of September, more will be made readily available and rolled out across the NHS.

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Currently, there is no public data on these two new tests, with the government yet to release any full details and accuracy of LamPore and DnaNudge.

Despite the release of these new tests, drive through tests and at-home tests will remain as the current PCR swab test.