Terrorist Incident Decontamination

Unfortunately, a growing part of our day-to-day lives is dealing with terrorist incidents. The nature of the attacks these days means there are blood and biohazards present, and the cleanup jobs require immediate attention.

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How do you clean up a terrorist incident?

If you are a law enforcement agency and never had to deal with a terrorist incident it could be confusing and complex. There are semi facets to the incident, including perpetrator investigation, media liaison, medical treatment for victims, interviews, and so much more. We take the pressure off the cleanup process, because we bring tremendous experience to the stage. Having worked on terrorist incidents in the past, we understand the atrocities that we may face, and are prepared to complete the job through the difficult circumstances.

In addition, we understand the sensitivity of the situation in terms of media attention, and can work in a discreet, professional manner. Very few organisations have the experience that we have with terrorist incidents, and are able to complete the process as efficiently as we do.

Deep cleaning terrorist incidents

Our deep cleaning process ensures that a full clean up is completed. No stone is left unturned, and every area is clean so that there is no biohazard remaining after the process. We bring to every scene a wealth of experience, and protocols that have been developed over numerous similar incidents. Deep cleans involve high cleaning, equipment cleaning, wall cleaning, surface cleaning, fabric cleaning, and ensuring that the entire environment is hygienic.

iHP Decontamination services at terrorist incidents

Terrorist incident areas need to be decontaminated for a number of reasons. Many stages have blood which must be cleaned up. In addition, in some scenarios there are weaponised biohazards which can pose an ongoing threat to anyone in the vicinity of the stage.

At BioDecon we use hydrogen peroxide and other cleaning agents to completely eliminate biohazards, leaving a hygienic environment behind. The beauty of hydrogen peroxide is that within hours of treatment all that is left behind is water. Much like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, there is just one oxygen molecule difference between water (H2O) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Fortunately, the binding of the second oxygen molecule in hydrogen peroxide is fairly weak, meaning that it quickly separates and returns the atmosphere. This makes it an ideal cleaning agent for terrorist incidents, where cleanup must be swift while maintaining the appearance of control.

A controlled terrorist incident cleaning process

Strong decontamination chemicals are hazardous, and so we ensure that we control the environment fully. We utilise the latest safety clothing and breathing apparatus to ensure our staff remain safe. We are highly trained in the deployment of chemical decontamination solutions, and a long history of successful completion of projects in diverse settings. Our experience makes us the ideal partner to complete decontamination at a terrorist incident.

Terrorist incident protocols, frameworks and policies

We are able to work to a framework, planning and implementing the cleanup process based upon an existing understanding of what needs to be done.

We are also used to working with law enforcement and Ministry of Defence agencies, completing processes in a particular order, and maintaining the integrity of the scene as required. In every situation we are sensitive to the requirements of the controlling agency, and can complete on their timeframe.

Your 24-hour day, 365-Day a year terrorist incident decontamination support team

We are on call for terrorist incidents throughout the day and night, 365 days a year, and can be on site in hours, and sometimes minutes. If you need a specialist company to partner with for a terrorist incident, get in touch now and our experts will be with you in no time at all.

Terrorist incident decontamination validation

In situations where biohazards have been used in terrorist incident we can provide you with immediate assurance of decontamination following our processes. We do this through our unique access to enzyme indicators, which can test for the presence of pathogenic microorganisms within minutes. This is a far cry from the traditional method of validating effectiveness of a decontamination process, which involves micro cultures in a laboratory. This petri dish method is still used by many of our competitors. This gives us an edge over most companies, because we can provide you with immediate peace of mind that the environment is safe and hygienic, so that the location can be used again much more quickly.

Guidance on cleaning up a terrorist incident

We can provide you with guidance on best practice to build into your management processes, and can help you set up protocols that are triggered immediately when a terrorist incident occurs. If you need advice and guidance in preparation for a terrorist incident then get in touch today.

As experts in decontaminating and cleaning up terrorist incidents, we understand that the process can be highly challenging.

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