At Bio Decon, we provide deep clean, sterilisation, and contamination services to a wide variety of sectors.

We might say we provide our services in any environment that requires microbial control and decontamination.

The most common sectors we work in are those that are extremely sensitive to microbial outbreaks, and where it is critical, the outbreaks are curtailed before they become harmful or even life-threatening. On this page will detail some of the main sectors we work with, and little about how we can help you to ensure your hygiene solutions are industry-leading, compliant with health and safety regulations, and minimise the risk of an outbreak.

After all, an outbreak in the industrial or commercial environment can lead to serious fines, a damaged reputation and even loss of life, and in clinical environments, it can often be fatal.

The Medical Sector

We work with many clients in clinical settings to ensure their environments are decontaminated. Naturally, anywhere where people are at risk of infection, the environment needs to be hygienic and free from dangerous superbugs.

In hospitals we work a lot with operating theatres, recovery and preoperative settings, providing regularly scheduled decontamination services, and emergency, rapid response services in the case of an outbreak.

There’s been a lot in the news about Staphylococcus Epididymitis, MRSA, CRE, CPE and comprehensive superbug prevention. We work with hospital management as an extension of their Health and Safety Department to ensure they’re doing all that they can to create a hygienic environment in their clinical and ward settings.

As specialists in deep cleaning, sterilisation and decontamination in hospitals, we have become indispensable to many hostel management teams in their fight to create a healthy environment for their staff and patients.

Healthcare Sector

The medical environments in healthcare are often at severe risk of infection, where patients are operated upon, or very weak.

In more general healthcare settings there are also serious implications when there is a superbug outbreak or general unhygienic conditions.

We work in diverse healthcare areas to ensure they have the scheduled deep cleans they require, and the environments are always sterile and decontaminated to a safe level.

When dealing with severe contamination we must take extreme measures using hydrogen peroxide, so we work with healthcare management to ensure we give the correct level of intervention on a regular basis.

This could mean chemical hygiene interventions and hydrogen peroxide on a scheduled annual basis. Each setting is different, with a different level of risk involved. We work with each management team to create a structured plan appropriate for their setting that creates minimal disturbance and downtime.

Pharmaceutical Interventions

Pharmaceutical companies need to decontaminate their sensitive areas regularly and test them to ensure they remain safe. At Bio Decon, we can provide a scheduled or emergency decontamination process to ensure the production environment is kept safe, and microbial contamination does not cause dangerous products to enter the hospital or wider healthcare market.

The pharmaceutical sector is vital in creating new drugs to promote health and control illness. Unhygienic conditions in the manufacturing areas could lead to a huge loss of life.

We understand the sensitivity of pharmaceutical decontamination interventions and work closely with management teams to ensure we are discreet, and often work outside normal office hours to make sure that we cause minimal disruption to the pharmaceutical operation.


There are a number of situations in which we are called on by law enforcement and government agencies. Recently terrorist incidents have been in the news, creating a high-profile sterilisation, deep cleaning, and decontamination requirement. We work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure that we can clean up terrorist and other criminal incidents in a way that is safe, discreet and in line with the requirements and protocols of the agencies involved.

Our teams understand that different agencies have different requirements for their cleanup teams and we are flexible to meet the specific needs in every situation.

Whether there is a biohazard, infectious disease control condition or anything else, we can work with you quickly to get the situation under control.

Food Production Sectors

It is essential that all companies engaged in food production maintain a clean environment. Over the years the requirements put upon food production companies have become more stringent, and there is a lot more red tape involved in the manufacturing process. We work with businesses to ensure they are meeting all of the food hygiene and safety requirements, and they maintain an environment that is fitting for the production of the food they are manufacturing, packing, and transporting. In every environment, there are different risk factors, and we work with companies to create a full risk audit to create a regular structured cleaning plan that is appropriate for the environment. In situations where there is a severe outbreak of microbial organisms, we can be with you within eight hours to complete a full decontamination process. We understand the food production businesses is a competitive arena, and that reputation is key. So, again, we can work out of hours and discreetly to ensure that we maintain your reputation, and professionally complete the processes.

These five sectors are where we spend most of our time. However, if you have a requirement for a deep clean, decontamination, sterilisation or disinfection process then get in touch so we can help you achieve a more hygienic environment.

We are here to help if you need a contract solution or an urgent intervention.

Call us today on 0800 100 247, and we will talk through our solutions and provide you with expert guidance on the hygiene required in your industry, and suggest interventions that will create and maintain a healthy environment.

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