RM Contractors

RM Contractors

Fast effective return to business operations
following Covid-19 lockdown restrictions

Bio Decon Group Consulting: Business Case Study

A fast and effective return to business
following the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

RM Contractors, a well renowned specialist cleaning and FM company with over 30 years of experience operating throughout the United Kingdom. A highly responsible and ethical company, RM Contractors work closely alongside it’s commercial partners and demonstrates strong values and practices across the board.

The challenge

Following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the company needed to return back to operations. The new working practices needed to be aligned with current Government guidelines and best-practice recommendations.

The solution

In order to fulfil this demanding task, Bio Decon undertook a comprehensive audit of the current working practices and potential risks to the business. From this, revised compliant working practices were developed in conjunction with RM Contractors. This was supported and underpinned with new written procedures and risk assessments. The revised procedures were stress-tested by staff and managers to validate their efficacy and operational sustainability. Bespoke training programmes were developed to ensure the new processes were fully understood by the organisation and embedded within the ethos of the operational delivery teams. To check knowledge and understanding of the processes, all members of staff were formally tested and assessed to demonstrate competency with the Public Health England (PHE) COVID-19 guidelines.

Value delivered

RM Contractors were able to return to operational effectiveness, using a compliant, safe and structured methodology. This helped support their commercial partners as they too returned to business. The whole compliance process is fully transparent, auditable and provides a robust assurance provision for their commercial partners.

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  • New guidelines assessed
  • Gap analysis undertaken
  • New procedures produced
  • Training & assessment
  • Business as usual