Resistant micro-organism Control

Are you concerned about resistant microorganism control?

At Bio Decon, we are specialists in helping clients tackle resistant microorganisms. We have lots of experience in cleaning environments and can work with your management team to put in place a resistant microorganism control plan. This will ensure there is minimal chance of superbug outbreaks, and you have followed the latest industry guidelines, and are fully compliant with health and safety standards.

Cutting-edge Microorganism control

At Bio Decon, we use cutting-edge technology and processes to ensure we can complete a thorough and comprehensive clean of any environment. A deep clean isn’t always enough, so we often use hydrogen peroxide to decontaminate an environment, as it is more thorough.

Regular Cleaning Schedule for Resistant Microorganisms

In particular environments, resistant microorganisms can breed fast. For example, in hostile environments, where there is constant cleaning, microorganisms can develop resistance to the majority of cleaning products available to hospital staff.

To tackle this, it’s important to do something different and create a plan that addresses these resistant microorganisms.

We have a number of hospital clients for whom we regularly decontaminate their operating theatres, recovery suites, and preoperative care facilities to ensure that there is reduced the risk of a superbug outbreak.

Emergency Microorganism Control

We also work with clients to prevent a severe outbreak when resistant microorganisms have been found to be present. The timeframe is always important as it doesn’t take long for a resistant microorganism strain to spread through a room, a hospital ward, and then an entire facility.

The Consequences can be catastrophic.

When we are called in for emergency projects, we come armed with the latest technology and protocols that can be swiftly put in place. If the environment needs a full decontamination, then we can set it up as speedily as possible. Using our lightweight hydrogen peroxide vapour deployment equipment, we can decontaminate in minutes.

Although dangerous in its pure form, we use dilute hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which quickly loses the extra oxygen atom once used and within hours all that is left is water. During the decontamination process, it is vital the spaces are controlled and quarantined. Our staff follow all the latest health and safety advice involving their equipment and the process to ensure they and any other authorised personnel using the area are safe.

Why are there resistant microorganisms?

Resistant microorganisms develop as they breed in a setting where there are lots of cleaning agents or chemicals designed to clean or decontaminate an environment. As the microorganisms quickly evolve the cleaning agent resistant mutations become more successful, and so become an evolutionary adaptation to the environment where they live. To tackle these resistant microorganisms, and control the environment, you, therefore, need to bring in a more aggressive cleaning agent, such as hydrogen peroxide, to eliminate and destroy these microorganisms.

Are you suffering from resistant microorganisms?

If you have a space where resistant microorganisms are breeding get in touch today, and our engineers can be with you quickly to resolve the problem. We offer immediate decontamination validation using enzyme indicators, which means that within minutes of the cleanup process we can give you a guarantee the environment is once again safe, healthy, and hygienic.

Superbug prevention is a major thing these days in hospitals and food production environments.

There’s been a lot in the news about norovirus contamination, Staphylococcus epididymitis, MRSA, CRE infection prevention and CPE infection prevention. There is no doubt infection prevention is a huge issue and one that health professionals need to take seriously.

If you want to talk about regularly scheduling deep cleans and decontamination projects throughout the year to maintain a hygienic environment, or to find out more about how our company can help you meet your hygiene and health and safety requirements, then get in touch today. We work in many different environments including food production, healthcare, pharmaceutical settings, hospitals, and with the police, Ministry of Defence and other law enforcement agencies.

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