Police & Ministry of Defence

At Bio Decon decontamination we are extremely experienced at working with law enforcement agencies and Ministry of Defence personnel. We have staff that are security cleared, and are able to work on sensitive projects.

Police decontamination projects

We are often called to crime scenes and potential biohazards to run deep cleans and decontamination processes. We have established relationships with law enforcement agencies throughout the country who call us when they have an emergency requirement.

We also work with law enforcement agencies to maintain the hygiene of their sensitive environments, be they laboratories, testing facilities or prison cells. We are used to dealing with blood hazards, as well as just about every type of biohazard you could imagine, from infectious diseases to superbugs.

We understand how to work with police agencies

As specialist decontamination experts we understand how to work with law enforcement agencies to fit within their frameworks and protocols. We have developed our systems and processes so that we can quickly establish relationships with organisations that have tight protocols, and can complete our cleanups within any settings without compromising on quality.

Ministry of Defence work

As a company with so much experience working with trauma events and accidents, we are often first on the list when a company is called to a terrorist incident or other serious catastrophe. We are not fazed by the serious and often harrowing conditions at such incidents, as our staff have been exposed to these scenarios in the past, and have an extremely professional attitude to their work. In any serious scenario we can come in and put together a plan of action based on our extensive experience, and immediately begin the cleanup process, taking into account any areas that needs to have their integrity maintained. We understand the requirement for evidence and the importance of working around the professionals we are partnering with on the scene.

Terrorist events that need decontaminated

The reality is that just about every terrorist incident requires deep cleaning and decontamination. The cleanup process is important, because it creates an impression in the media and the local population. If blood is present, then a decontamination process is required, and in most cases it is wise to run a decontamination process to mitigate any risk, even if the scenario does not overtly call for it.

Terrorist incidents seem to be more prevalent. However, there are still very few companies with the experience required to enter a stage and quickly put in place processes to complete the thorough cleanup required. At BioDecon we are one of those few companies that can run a process without even requiring input from any other agency. We know what to do, when to do it, and how to create a good impression as we go through the process.

A decontamination company that understands discretion

Having worked with the MoD and police a lot in the past we understand the importance of discretion in every project that we work on. If there are media on the scene then we will defer any questions to the relevant agency, and we will always work as discreetly as possible. Where required we will work out of hours or out of sight, and we will always ensure that every stakeholder and local person in the vicinity is safe through stringent health and safety procedures. We use the latest technology to keep our staff safe, and always follow protocols to ensure the safety of everyone else.

How fast can an area be decontaminated?

When we work with the police and MoD the first question is often how fast we can get through the process. That really depends on the job that we are doing and the scope of the biohazard. Generally, an indoor biohazard will be treated with hydrogen peroxide vapour, which is an extremely efficient microorganism eliminator. A single cycle of treatment with hydrogen peroxide vapour will normally create a sterile environment to sterility assurance level 6(-10). Hydrogen peroxide becomes water within a matter of hours of treatment; an environment is then safe for use.

Our enzyme indicators work in a matter of minutes and test for microorganism life. Most other companies use biological indicators, and therefore need to grow micro cultures on petri dishes in a laboratory. This can take up to a week, and means that a setting cannot be deemed sterile for that period of time.

If you are a law enforcement agency or representative of the Ministry of Defence and want to partner with an effective, experienced, fast and discreet decontamination company, then get in touch with BioDecon decontamination now.

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