Pharmaceutical Facility Sterilisation

Are you a pharmaceutical company looking for a specialist hygiene solution? Are you worried about pathogenic microorganisms causing immediate hygiene problems, or posing a risk to the end user?

At Bio Decon we are specialists at providing hygiene solutions for pharmaceutical companies. We work with numerous big brand pharmaceuticals to provide regular contract deep clean solutions, scheduled sterilisation of manufacturing and production facilities, and emergency on-call decontamination projects.

Why do pharmaceutical companies require specialist cleaning?

Pharmaceutical companies are at the cutting-edge of medicine. They produce products and drugs that go into hospitals, healthcare facilities and people’s homes. The reality is that the end user is often susceptible to infection, and may have a low-level tolerance to pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, microbial populations can cause premature spoilage of products, rendering them unusable prior to their standard use-by date.

It is therefore important that pharmaceutical companies take a proactive approach to the hygiene of their environment for both manufacture and transportation of their pharmaceutical products and produce.

How to solve an outbreak at a pharmaceutical facility

An outbreak of a superbug or large population of pathogenic microorganisms can become a serious problem for a pharmaceutical company. It can have severe repercussions in terms of damage to reputation, and can even lead to fines or being closed down entirely. If you have identified the presence of a resistant microorganism, or biohazard, then it’s important you act fast. Get in touch with Bio Decon specialists and we will come to your facility to run a planned decontamination process.

Our specialist hygiene solutions involve decontamination equipment and guarantees industrial hygiene. We run surface decontamination and equipment decontamination in order to guarantee that the entire environment is clean and hygienic. In situations that require an extreme solution, such as an MRSA outbreak, norovirus infection risk, or the potential spread of infectious disease, we use hydrogen peroxide decontamination methods to ensure a 6 log decontamination of microbial life. This means that the area is decontaminated to a level that is standard in sensitive clinical settings such as operating theatres.

Our decontamination equipment for pharmaceutical environments

We have a massive amount of experience working with pharmaceutical companies to ensure they run in an operating environment that is hygienic.

When we need to complete a thorough decontamination process we use pressurised hydrogen peroxide vapour canisters and dispensing devices that can reach 30 feet. This enables us to decontaminate high and low areas, and is particularly useful in large facilities. Our highly trained engineers have all the requisite training and experience required to work with dangerous chemicals, and will carefully plan the process to ensure that all stakeholders in the building are safe.

Regular cleaning for pharmaceutical companies

It is vital that pharmaceutical companies put in place a regular cleaning and hygiene strategy in its facilities, transportation units and all of its equipment.

Many companies do this in house. That is fine, as long as there is careful planning and a serious situation doesn’t develops. We often get involved with pharmaceutical companies when they have an outbreak of a superbug or other serious situation. We come in and do deep cleaning decontamination and then continue to work with them through a structured, regular, contract-based cleaning program which involves us returning several times per year to ensure the hygiene of the environment.

We always strive to work closely with the pharmaceutical management teams, and the hygiene department of the organisation, to plan and strategise so that our efforts combine with in-house cleaning to maximise the chance of a hygienic environment being created and maintained. There is a combined effort.

Worried about your pharmacy operation? If you are worried about the cleanliness and hygiene of your pharmacy operation then get in touch today. The nature of the industry and Pollux means that it is vital that you take a responsible and consistent approach to hygiene. We can help to guide and advise you on industry best practice. We work with a number of pharmaceutical companies and in every project we run we learn and develop new ways of doing things, and new ways to reduce the risk of a serious microorganism outbreak.

Our industrial hygiene specialists have all the decontamination equipment and experience to provide you with hygiene solutions that will ensure the sterilisation of equipment, disinfection of areas and decontamination of the entire environment.

We can help to advise you on the cleaning chemicals to use on a regular routine basis. We can guide you on best practices, gleaned from the experts we have in the pharmaceutical sector. If you want to have a discussion with our pharmaceutical decontamination and cleaning specialists then give us a call on 01904 405959. We are more than happy to share our experience and to help you to move towards a more hygienic pharmaceutical operation.

If you have an emergency situation that need cleaning up then please call us now on 01904 405959. We are available round the clock and can come to your location any time of day or night. If there is a serious situation then don’t delay, get a solution right away.

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