One Year On: How Bio Decon has evolved to help other businesses stay up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic

One Year On: How Bio Decon has evolved to help other businesses stay up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic

On 29th January 2020, Public Health England confirmed the first case in the UK of COVID-19 at the StayCity Hotel in York and deep cleaning and decontamination expert, Bio Decon were called in on the 5th February. From being a business designed to tackle infections, a year on York-based Bio Decon has evolved to become a pivotal response force that has helped ensure businesses and services can stay up and running and staff members are protected in a COVID-secure environment.

Bio Decon’s service offering means they can enter a building or alternatively a public space and disinfect all areas of a room/building/space quickly, with the confidence that the COVID-19 virus has been eradicated. The disinfectant technology used allows a person to return to that space in an hour, meaning a business has minimal disruption and can reassure its staff, with evidence, that the space is COVID-secure.

Since responding to the first case in York, Bio Decon has:

  • Travelled over 100,000+ miles across England, Scotland and Wales
  • The mobile teams and vehicle fleet has quadrupled in size
  • Used over 5,000+ enzyme indicators (EIs)
  • Over 250,000m2 decontaminated
  • Over 1,000 Tyvek suits have been used
  • Over 3,000 items of PPE have been worn including masks, gloves & safety glasses

Andy McMillan, Director of Bio Decon commented: “With our experience in dealing with infections we quickly realised that we needed to adapt to ensure we were equipped to support businesses in fighting the COVID-19 virus. Following our response to the first case in the UK our technicians have been working 24/7 offering both planned and reactive emergency decontamination and validation service.

For many businesses it isn’t possible to have staff work from home, therefore throughout the various lockdowns and restrictions imposed our services have enabled many sectors to remain operating in a COVID-secure environment.”

Our team of technicians have responded to a number of sectors and industries including:

  • Education – Nurseries, Schools and Higher Education
  • Councils – Offices, Chambers, Waste Recycle Centres, Bin Lorries, Gritting Lorries
  • Emergency Services – Emergency Response Vehicles (Police and Fire)
  • Healthcare – NHS Call Centres, GP Surgeries, Care Homes, Supported Living Accommodation
  • Sport – Gyms, Football Training Grounds, Stadiums, Sporting Facilities, Golf Courses
  • Pharmaceutical – Laboratories, Research laboratories
  • Construction Sites – Modular & Portable Offices, Welfare Units, Canteens, Toilets
  • Hospitality – Bars, Restaurants, and Stately Homes

Bio Decon offer one of the most advanced decontamination iHP service with one of the fastest most accurate validation processes. The business is able to measure its success with real time efficacy data and as such has no hesitation in stating with evidence that they can fully deactivate SARS-CoV-2 that causes the novel coronavirus COVID-19.