MRSA prevention and decontamination

MRSA prevention and decontamination

MRSA is an infection, which is known as the superbug. From sepsis, pneumonia, rash or chills, symptoms and types of this infection vary, making MRSA an extremely serious infection if contracted. But how do you prevent and decontaminate from MRSA?

Firstly, in order to prevent MRSA, it is extremely important to make sure to wash your hands on a regular basis; scrubbing your hands for a minimum of 15 seconds. You need to ensure that any wounds are covered at all time to prevent bacteria from contaminating surfaces.

Another way to prevent the spread of MRSA is to avoid sharing personal items, anything from razors to towels. And also, be sure to wash your bedding, towels and gym clothes after each use.

MRSA comes in two types, CA-MRSA which is community-acquired or HA-MRSA which is hospital-acquired. So, to help stop the spread of MRSA, people with HA-MRSA are placed in isolation. Any medical staff who deal with them are required to wear protective clothing and equipment, as well as disinfect surfaces.

When you are cleaning and disinfecting areas, it is important to focus on surfaces that are frequently in contact with people’s bare skin. This includes anything from desks, chairs to remote controls. If any surfaces have come into contact with uncovered cuts or wounds it is vital, they are cleaned thoroughly.

Cleaning and disinfecting is an essential process in helping prevent the spread of MRSA, something we at Bio Decon can help assist you with.

Here at Bio Decon, we are continuously working to make our world a safer place to live in. We provide specialist decontamination services for a range of settings using highly trained professionals and following the highest safety standards and procedures, so, together we can help keep everyone safe. Using our services, we can decontaminate against MRSA.

We specialise in medical decontamination, which provides assurance of the effectiveness of our service. Depending on the client we have a range of different levels of service depending on which level of intervention is required. This includes medical deep cleaning, sterilisation, disinfection and decontamination.

With massive experience working to decontaminate environments containing infections such as MRSA, we understand what an outbreak of MRSA can do to a healthcare organisation. Therefore, we work hard to help reduce the risk of MRSA and the damage to a healthcare’s reputation.

Decontaminating an area containing MRSA means you are killing the microorganisms which live there. But full decontamination requires eliminating these microorganisms but at a higher level. When an outbreak of MRSA occurs, a full decontamination process is required. This is because other patients in healthcare settings are at risk of infection from a superbug such as MRSA, so a decontamination process will help reduce the change of infection.

If you require any assistance with the decontamination of MRSA, get in touch today by phone on 01904 405 959 to find out more about how our decontamination services can help you to create a hygienic environment.