Moving forward in new ways

Golf hole cup with a flagstick and golf ball inside, with a gold ball outside of the cup.

Moving forward in new ways

Like the well-known song goes… “We’ve come a long, long way together through the hard times, and the good…” Applying this to the current COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t be more appropriate as we have come a long way, it has been challenging and there have been lots of good things to have come out of a situation so immense and overwhelming it has turned life as we know it well and truly upside down. From the key workers who have kept the country going to the medical teams working continuously to save lives and to all the individuals following government guidelines so we can beat the impact of this virus, we have come a long way but we must keep it up to continue to move forward.

Life has to move forward and the only way this can happen safely is to stay alert, increase personal hygiene and deep cleaning routines and remain socially distanced at 2 metres apart when travelling, working, studying or socialising. Following these rules where possible will help to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce infection rates but what about all the high-frequency touch surfaces such as door handles, public transport support rails and buttons, shared equipment in offices, gyms, and even shared public facilities, such as toilets? All of these can be cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the day but with such regular daily use, the ability to maintain cleaning constantly will become overwhelming and, at times, impractical.

Here at BioDecon, we are continuously working to make our world a safer place to live in and never more so than during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We provide specialist decontamination services for a range of setting using highly trained professionals and following the highest safety standards and procedures.

Currently, we are testing an antimicrobial coating that can keep surfaces free of COVID-19 for months at a time. ‘Enviroguard’ incorporates the antimicrobial barrier that kills the virus on contact and forms a seal that prevents cross-contamination. Tests so far on golf flagsticks, a highly used item by many during a round of golf, have so far been successful. With the combined deep cleaning methods of thermal decontamination using TOMI SteraMist technology, wiping down the surface and then applying Enviroguard you create a new surface that now has an antimicrobial protective seal on. A new permanent surface that doesn’t damage the original area treated. Though strong with daily practical use, such as the golfing flag sticks, the new surface can be worn down so reapplication is beneficial to maintain the success of the protective seal.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly decontamination methods offered by BioDecon could pave the way for protecting surfaces from COVID-19 and help to reduce the spread of the virus even further, especially on shared surface areas. This means life can begin to move forward with a little more peace of mind.

Fighting COVID-19 is a steady process and adapting to new ways of living, working and interacting, and adopting new technologies such as Enviroguad, is vital to beat the virus and support one another to stay healthy.