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At Bio Decon we are specialists in medical decontamination, providing instant assurance of the level of cleaning and delivering a 100% effective service.

Medical decontamination processes

At Bio Decon, we use a number of different levels of service to match the right intervention to each client situation.

We offer:

  • Medical deep cleaning
  • Medical sterilisation
  • Medical disinfection
  • Complete medical decontamination
  • Structured medical decontamination programmes

We work with a number of health authorities and organisations to provide them with structured medical decontamination, which may include a programme running throughout the year. The programme may include a mix of deep cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation, and decontamination interventions through which we can minimise the disruption while maximising the cleanliness of high-risk areas.

We work closely with hospital management teams to plan and carry out these regular interventions to ensure the health and safety of the environment, and the hygiene level required. We are also able to provide a regular hygiene checks to make sure that things are not slipping and that the plan of action put into place is working. In this way we support hospitals in their duty of care to staff and patients, offering our expertise at every step of the way.

We can organise a site visit to go through a thorough risk assessment and plan the strategies to help you maintain control of the hygiene of your hospital or medical centre.

In areas prone to superbug infection we also complete regular hydrogen peroxide decontamination interventions, to guarantee as much control as possible over the risk of an outbreak. No risk assessment and intervention plan is 100% guaranteed to be successful, but by working closely with medical managers, we can create a system that is appropriate, flexible and responsive and minimises risk.

If you are looking for a partner to help you maintain the hygiene of your medical building, why not get in touch with Bio Decon services today on 01904 405959

iHP Decontamination of operating theatres

It is crucial that operating theatres are kept hygienic. The nature of the patients entering the rooms and the activities carried out; mean unhygienic conditions can lead to fatalities. At Bio Decon, we work with hospitals to regularly decontaminate their operating theatres.

We use hydrogen peroxide vapour to ensure the entire theatre is decontaminated to a level of at least 6 log (10-6). The process is fast and efficient, and within hours the second oxygen molecule that creates hydrogen peroxide from water (H2O2 to H2O) is unbonded leaving harmless water in its place.

Is important to understand just how noxious hydrogen peroxide can be. It is a substance that must only be handled by experts, with the correct equipment and training. At Bio Decon, our engineers have carried out many operating theatre decontaminations, and know how to do so in a safe, efficient, professional manner.

iHP Decontamination of pre-op and post-op wards

Just as it is important to ensure that operating theatres are optimally hygienic, so it is with preoperative and postoperative care. We understand how difficult it is to empty these areas to complete a comprehensive hydrogen peroxide decontamination. We, therefore, work with our medical clients to fit around their schedule and are often called in at short notice when a ward becomes available.

We can work out of hours and on weekends to provide urgent services as required.

Rapid response, and emergency decontamination services

In cases where an immediate emergency decontamination is needed for CPE infection, CRT infection, MRSI, Staphylococcus epididymitis, or another superbug infection, we can respond immediately and go through a complete decontamination process.

We understand how important it is to quarantine these areas to prevent the spread of disease, and how sensitive the process of cleanup is regarding hospital image and staff morale. We have been through the process of medical decontamination many times., and have the skills, equipment, and approach to intervene in the most appropriate way possible.

Immediate decontamination validation

One of the key factors that make the Bio Decon service so popular is that we offer immediate decontamination validations. We use enzyme assessment indicators to assess the presence of microorganisms after decontamination, and the test is completed in a matter of minutes. It is unique to the way most other companies validate contamination, sending samples to the lab to be grown in Petri dishes.

At Bio Decon, we can provide you with immediate reassurance and peace of mind that your environment has been fully decontaminated. This means that you can get working in the environment sooner, reducing the strain on other areas of the hospital. It also provides confidence to staff and patients, demonstrating a rapid response to the situation.

If you’re looking for a medical decontamination service manned by experienced professionals, offering flexible solutions, and guaranteeing results, then look no further than Bio Decon.

If you have questions about our medical decontamination process, then give us a call on 01904 405959. Our expert decontamination advisers will be happy to discuss regularly scheduled decontamination programmes or to arrange an immediate visit to your location if you have an urgent requirement.

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