Log 6 Reduction

When you are considering a company to sterilise and clean your environment, it is important to understand the success rate it has.

Different companies work to different sterility assurance levels. At Bio Decon, we work to a log six reduction level. What that means is that there is a one in one million chance of a single microbe being present after decontamination. This is the same degree most medical device manufacturers use when developing sterilisers for hospital equipment.

How do you achieve log 6 reduction?

At Bio Decon, our process uses the strength of hydrogen peroxide to decontaminate.

We use a mixture of gas vapour to ensure that every surface and every area that can be touched is decontaminated. Hydrogen peroxide is an incredibly strong cleaning agent and can eliminate and destroy microbial life with ruthless efficiency.

Even resistant microorganisms cannot withstand the use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The chemical formula of hydrogen peroxide is such that after a short period the bond on the extra oxygen atom breaks, and the oxygen combines with other elements in the atmosphere, leaving just water. This means after this incredibly powerful level of microorganism control all that is left is harmless H2O.

Are standard hospital decontamination procedures enough?

The reality is that the conventional cleanup process is not sufficient for the hygiene of most hospitals. Even with a commercial or industrial deep clean, or a partial decontamination it will still leave potentially dangerous microorganisms behind, which can quickly spread, evolve and cause illness or fatalities.

It takes a strong chemical decontamination process to achieve a hygiene solution that mitigates the risks of infectious outbreaks and other serious, or even catastrophic events.

Is log six reduction enough?

Log 6 reduction is the level that is used in the medical sector to denote a highly efficient sterilisation process. Achieving a sterilisation level this good minimises the effect of any superbug outbreak, whether it be MRSA, Staphylococcus epididymitis, CBE infection, CRE infection, norovirus, or any other superbug.

Log 6 decontamination in different settings

We work in a variety of settings ensuring log 6 decontaminations.

Working in healthcare, medical, food production, law enforcement, trauma and pharmaceutical environments, we often go to situations where there is a need for biohazard control, infection prevention, and infectious disease control. We are not phased by any scenario and can work professionally whatever the situation.

If you have a problem with norovirus, MRSA, CRE infection, CPE infection, Staphylococcus epididymitis, or anything else, then we are the cleanup team you need.

Emergency on-call log 6 decontamination

We don’t only work to decontaminate in hospitals. We work at trauma incidents, terrorist incidents, and anywhere a trauma cleanup is required that needs certification.

Our decontamination equipment is mobile so that we can work in just about any environment.

How does our decontamination process vary depending on the situation? We are always discreet and professional in the way we work. If you have a unique emergency trauma decontamination requirement get in touch today on 01904 405 959

How do you know the decontamination has been successful?

When you decontaminate equipment, surfaces or the atmosphere, it is crucial to understand the process has been successful. With most cleanup companies, that means taking a sample and then growing it in a laboratory for a week to see what cultures develop. At Bio Decon we take a much faster and more efficient approach.

We have enzyme indicators, courtesy of our sister company Protak Scientific, and can provide immediate decontamination validation within minutes of our cleanup. This gives you instant peace of mind and enables you to begin using the once contaminated area much faster than if you opt to use other companies.

Is log 6 reduction a dangerous process?

Achieving a sterility assurance level of log 6 requires the elimination of microorganism life. Naturally, that means using strong agents that could be harmful to the health of human beings should they touch or breathe the agent. All of our staff are highly trained in health and safety procedures to ensure that they, and all other people in the vicinity of the environment being decontaminated, are kept safe. We use the latest safety suits and breathing apparatus, and lightweight decontamination vapour dispensers to make the workplace as comfortable and professional as possible for our staff.

When we arrive at the scene, we quickly evaluate the best way to keep everybody safe, as this is the priority throughout the project. We have protocols and procedures to follow in different situations so we can act swiftly, and efficiently, providing a solution that works. When necessary we quarantine the environment, and put up signs, lock doors, and ensure that no one wanders into the cleanup environment. We know what we’re doing as we have done it many times before, so you are in safe hands.

Where possible, we work out of hours, or on the weekends, to make things even safer, and cause minimal disruption to daily activities.

If you are looking for log six reduction in your environment, then get in touch today, and we will arrange to come and provide a comprehensive decontamination process. If you have an emergency right now, then give us a call on 01904 405 959, and we will be with you immediately.

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