Lincoln City kicks off the season using Bio Decon deep cleaning services

Lincoln City kicks off the season using Bio Decon deep cleaning services

COVID-19 has brought a lot of anxiety throughout these past months, from uncertainty in the government and unease of what the future holds. But one thing we at Bio Decon are confident in is the excellent delivery of decontamination services to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Since lockdown restrictions have begun to ease, sectors across the UK have begun returning to work. For many this has been a challenge, to ensure and provide safety for their workers and clients, but Bio Decon can help!

A couple of months ago, here at Bio Decon, we provided decontamination services to Harrogate Town AFC. And this past month, another sporting establishment, Lincoln City, has put the safety of its players and staff in our hands.

Lincoln City football club has recently received our pioneering technology; using iHP decontamination service. Having received this cleaning process, Lincoln City has been able to ensure safety for staff and players when returning to work.

Our iHP decontamination service reduce microbial contaminants to below to detectable levels in a matter of minutes; killing anything from bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi! This cleaning process is extremely environmentally friendly; leaving no residue. And has allowed Lincoln City football club to be able to return to training quickly and safely.

The iHP decontamination process also does not damage the content of the room; meaning electronics and equipment can remain in the room while cleaning is in process. This not only saves time but ensures that all equipment is decontaminated. In comparison to other services, our decontamination services provide assurance an environment is decontaminated within minutes, allowing those to return to normality quickly.

Here at Bio Decon, we have been endlessly working to make our world a safer place to live in, especially as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We provide specialist decontamination services for a range of settings, using highly trained professionals while following the highest safety standards and procedures.

Bio Decon provides a range of rapid biological decontamination services to a wide range of sectors throughout the UK, including Football, Rugby and even Golf sports industries. We are extremely keen to provide our services and help protect sporting establishments return back to their training safely and with confidence; while allowing club players and staff to feel at ease.

Here at Bio Decon we are proud to provide our clients with full recognition and faith in the services we provide and are thankful for the client’s appreciation towards the work we do. So, if you require any of our services and help please get in contact; and together we can find the best service for your request. You can call on 01904 405959 or email us at