Infectious Disease Control

Are you looking for a company to help you with infectious disease control? Have you an emergency situation with an infectious disease spreading through your facility? Do you need advice and guidance on best practice to ensure you have the appropriate procedures in place for infectious disease control?

At BioDecon, we are specialists in creating hygienic environments that can help in the control of infectious disease. Our experts can plan and deliver regular cleaning and hygiene solutions and are available for on-call emergency decontamination.

Whatever you require, we can help make sure your environment is more hygienic, and minimise the risk of an outbreak of an infectious disease.

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Controlling Infectious Disease

When a communicable disease spreads, certain measures should be taken to ensure the environment is as safe as possible and to minimise the chance of the infectious disease further spreading.

For example, everyone entering and leaving an infected area should wash their hands. As little food and other items should be brought into the area as possible. Infected individuals should be kept quarantined inside rooms in hospitals, or whereever possible. At BioDecon, we take things a step further by deep cleaning and decontaminating an environment to ensure infectious diseases are destroyed or eliminated and cannot be passed on from surfaces or equipment.

Planning an infectious disease intervention

When there is an infectious disease problem, we come on site and assess the risks to get the full picture. We then put in place a structured plan to reduce the danger of the disease spreading, and then clean up the environment. Infectious diseases can live on surfaces for several weeks, so it is vital the entire environment is decontaminated following an infectious disease event.

Hydrogen peroxide decontamination for infectious disease control

At BioDecon, we use hydrogen peroxide to eliminate and destroy microorganisms.

This is a significant advantage over many other companies, who can take a week or more to validate the decontamination process has been successful.

In this way, diseases can be eliminated, bringing the environment back to a hygienic state. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent agent for this task and can be used in vapour form, and therefore touch every floor, ceiling, piece of equipment or fabric, fixtures and fitting.

Following the use of hydrogen peroxide, we can test the environment quickly using enzyme indicators, courtesy of our sister company Protak Scientific, and can provide immediate decontamination validation.

Hydrogen peroxide quickly degrades to water within hours, and therefore there are no harmful, or unpleasant substances remaining after the infectious disease control decontamination process.

How to control the spread of infectious disease in my setting?

Every sector and every case require different measures to combat the spread of an infectious disease. One thing is constant though.

You need to have a clean environment and decontaminate areas that are prone to causing the spread of disease.

Side rooms in hospitals need be regularly decontaminated, operating theatres must be sterile, and wards, where infectious disease patients are treated, must have a structured plan for the control of the environment.

A lack of planning can cause serious repercussions and is up to your management team to put in place the right measures.

A lack of oversight can result from a lack of knowledge.

At BioDecon we are here to help guide you and advise you on the best measures to put in place.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, food production line, law enforcement agency or hospital management group, we can help you to get a decontamination and infection management system in place.

Emergency on-call infectious disease control experts

We are available any time of the day or night to come to your location and deal with an infectious disease event. Our experts have all of the equipment to remain safe and follow best practice interventions that fit in with the setting in which we are working. We have worked with infectious disease control in hospitals, food production companies, and even with law enforcement. Our expertise means we have a framework in place for every eventuality so we can quickly deploy solutions after assessing the risks.

What should we be doing to control infection on a regular basis?

The measures you should put in place for infection control will depend on the setting, the risks, and the who uses that particular environment.

Every sector has its own hygiene standards, and you must at least meet these to stay legally compliant. If you need some advice and guidance on the prevailing standards in your sector, then get in touch today, and our hygiene experts will guide you on what you need to be doing.

When we come to you, we will perform a thorough risk assessment and hygiene plan strategy and work with you as an outsourced partner alongside your health and safety or hygiene department.

Our expert infectious disease control team has the knowledge and experience to know what you need to put in place and has plans available should you face an emergency situation, or require a structured cleaning and decontamination programme to run all year round. Get in touch today on 01904 405959 to speak to our experts and find out how we can help you with your infectious disease control planning.

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