Infection Prevention

At Bio Decon we are specialists in helping organisations, hospitals and the emergency services carry out infection prevention processes.

We have vast experience in decontaminating, deep cleaning and disinfecting diverse areas, creating an environment that is hygienic and ready to be used again.

Infection Prevention in Medical Settings

We work with a lot of hospitals, to put in place an infection prevention plan, and emergency measures when there is concern over a potential virus outbreak. We work both on the scheduled and emergency basis and have carried out a number of projects in operating theatres, preoperative care units, postoperative and recovery wards, and regular hospital wards.

Other sectors we complete infection prevention

There are lots of different settings in which we work to ensure people don’t become infected through a microorganism outbreak. We work for pharmaceutical companies, in healthcare and medical settings, as well as working with food production companies, and the police, MoD and defence contractors. In all of the situations in which we work our goal is to create a hygienic environment, free from any organic life that could pose a threat to the safety and well-being of people that use the space.

H2O2 decontamination

We use hydrogen peroxide to decontaminate environments that have the potential to cause issues such as the spread of infection. With some clients, we run regular hydrogen peroxide decontamination control projects, with others we visit when a threat is discovered, and then clean up the environment.

Hydrogen peroxide is a highly effective agent for killing microbial life. At Bio Decon, we clean areas to a level of six log, meaning the area is completely free from hazardous microbes that could cause infection. In this way, we prevent infection from spreading and mitigate potentially catastrophic outbreaks.

Highly skilled, highly trained infection prevention specialists

Our infection prevention specialists are highly skilled and able to work in diverse settings safely and professionally.

We have in place rigorous processes and protocols that kick into action whenever an environment needs to be cleaned by them. In this way, we can act swiftly, and also be proactive with our infection prevention measures.

Maintaining image through an infection prevention process

It can be tough to keep a positive image when you are going to an infection prevention process.

However, at Bio Decon, we are sensitive to the requirements of every project and can work discreetly and professionally to ensure that your image is not tainted. We are able to work out of hours, or on the weekend, to reduce the amount of downtime in any room, unit or area due to a potential infection outbreak, and we are always on hand to respond immediately to any challenge.

When trying to maintain a positive image, it’s important that you respond quickly to a situation. At Bio Decon, we can provide you with immediate decontamination validation following the completion of the cleanup process. Through the partnership we have with our sister company Protak Scientific, we can quickly test the environment using enzyme indicators and provide immediate assurance the surfaces and atmosphere are hygienic, and the process has been successful. Many other companies will require a week to test the success of any decontamination process because they need to grow samples in a petri dish in a laboratory.

The speed of our validation process means your infection prevention measures are seen to be swift, and this is a bonus in the maintenance of a positive reputation.

How do you get a fast infection prevention service?

If you’re looking for one of the fastest responders in the infection prevention business, then Bio Decon is your only choice. We can get to most places in a matter of hours and can deploy our experts using their lightweight decontamination equipment to complete a thorough infection prevention and control sweep. We pride ourselves on the speed and responsiveness of our service, and if you look through our case studies, you will see that we take a structured and logical process to every situation.

Best practice infection prevention processes

Over the years Bio Decon has built our best practice processes for infection prevention, and we bring these to every project.

We have evolved the way we work to ensure we meet the needs of every client, whether they be in a hospital, at a crime scene, a terrorist incident, or in a food production facility.

As a company, we are always learning new ways to improve our project delivery and utilise the latest cutting-edge hydrogen peroxide vapour deployment and deep cleaning equipment and technology.

We believe that if you aren’t moving forward, then you are going backwards, and that is how we remain ahead of our competition in the way we work and results that we deliver.

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