Incident, Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup

Are you looking for a partner to help you clean up after an incident? Has there been an accident and there is a need to remove biohazard waste? Is there a trauma event that requires decontamination?

At BioDecon we are experts at trauma incident decontamination and deep cleaning. We understand the sensitivity of every scene and bring with us a wealth of experience managing cleanup operations in the most sensitive way possible.

Having worked with various agencies over the years, we are used to working within different organisational frameworks and in varied settings. We can come to you and quickly put together a plan of action to clean up the situation with the minimum of fuss and do so in the most comprehensive way possible.

Deep Cleaning Trauma Incidents and Emergencies

At BioDecon, we are used to dealing with traumatic events, and challenging situations. We are experts at deep cleaning and have worked in almost every possible scenario, from hospitals to road traffic accidents, to terrorist incidents and severe infectious disease outbreaks. In every situation our engineers meet the highest health and safety standards, preventing any cross contamination of equipment or areas, and deliver a superb deep clean for our clients. No stone is left unturned, and no area is missed.

In areas where there are pathogenic microorganisms, we will carry out a decontamination process. In most cases, this involves hydrogen peroxide vapour and will be a fast and smooth process. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent agent for eliminating and destroying pathogenic microorganisms, and for treating areas contaminated by blood, infectious disease, superbugs or anything else.

What Equipment is Used to iHP Decontamination and Deep Cleaning Trauma Incidents?

The equipment we use for trauma management and cleaning depends on the particular setting. When we are deep cleaning, we use various chemicals and ensure we can clean every type of surface, from smooth metallic surfaces to coarse stone and difficult to clean fabrics. We have the experience to analyse the requirements of every job and bring the right solution. Having worked on commercial hygiene, industrial hygiene and trauma management hygiene projects, our wealth of experience enables us to hit the ground running at every incident we are called out to. We have protocols in place that allow us to work seamlessly with different agencies, fitting in with their management teams to get the job done as smoothly as possible.

How do we clean up after terrorist incidents?

Unfortunately, there is a growing incidence of terrorist incidents in the UK. Having worked on many, we know how harrowing it can be to be on site, especially early on. Our experienced team has a professional approach and are not phased by the aftermath of terrorist incidents. We always act professionally, discreetly and with speed.

We understand the pressures the agencies we work with face from the media and other stakeholders, and ensure we don’t divulge sensitive information or speak to any unauthorised third party. We are an outsourced partner for any trauma incident cleanup. We are a professional decontamination service that you can trust.

Immediate decontamination validation of trauma incidents

When there’s been an accident, terrorist incident, or any other trauma scenario, it’s important to contain the scene. After that, it’s important to ensure the cleanup is done comprehensively and no biohazard is left.

When you work with BioDecon, you benefit from the fact we use enzyme indicators to provide immediate decontamination validation. What this means is that within minutes of the cleanup process we can test the area to make sure all pathogenic microorganisms have been eliminated or destroyed.

We work to a 6 log reduction level, which is the same standard that used for sterility in hospital environments. Our immediate decontamination validation process places us ahead of most other companies in the marketplace. The standard in the industry is to run biological tests which can take up to a week complete, as they need to grow microorganism cultures in the laboratory.

Why choose BioDecon for your trauma management process?

BioDecon has years of experience working in diverse environments and different sectors. We work with food production companies, pharmaceutical firms, the Ministry of Defence, law enforcement agencies, healthcare and medical establishments. With such a broad range of experience, we have lots of projects behind us which we draw upon when delivering interventions at trauma incidents. The fact we can provide immediate decontamination validation is a big plus for our company and sets us apart from most others. Our staff are highly trained, and always follow best practice health and safety standards to ensure that everyone working on a project is safe. When you choose BioDecon, you are choosing a fast, responsive, professional emergency response hygiene solution.

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We have cutting-edge equipment and follow best practice processes to ensure that the cleanup proceeds in the most logical and robust way possible. Get in touch today and speak to our trauma management decontamination experts.

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