How to keep safe now gyms and leisure centres are reopening?

How to keep safe now gyms and leisure centres are reopening?

After months of home workouts, squats in the garden and not forgetting the Joe Wicks HITT workout the government has finally announced the re-opening of gyms and leisure centres. But with COVID-19 still present, going to the gym will be very different from what we once remembered. With gyms and leisure centres in England permitted to reopen from 25th July, there is some key information you need to know especially regarding keeping safe.

As a result of now being deemed COVID-19 safe, gyms and leisure centres have been adapting to ensure they adhere to COVID guidelines, including cleaning regimes, social distancing, and new safety measures. But although the government have not released an official document for the opening of gyms, a number of businesses, including industry body UKactive, have released their guidelines ahead of opening to help people know what to expect.

Once there was a time before post-lockdown where you could turn up seconds before a class would start. But now people are being asked to arrive early before each session to allow people to disperse out of studio spaces before classes begin. And in some cases, you are now being asked to book in advance.

Similar to current guidelines in clothes shops, when you attend the gym, changing facilities will be remaining closed, and you will be asked to arrive in your gym kit in preparation for your gym session. Lockers are also likely to be out of use to ensure social distancing measures are maintained.

Now after feeling the burn and working a sweat, in some gyms, you will no longer be allowed to shower and will be encouraged to shower at home. While other gyms and leisure centres will reduce the number of showers open to ensure social distancing is abided by.

Upon arrival at gyms and leisure centres, you should be prepared to have your temperature checked, with some gyms even checking these temperatures at the doors before you enter. You may also be asked to state if you are feeling well before entering. Inside, there will be a reduced number of machines available alongside the equipment being spread out. Before and after using the equipment, you will also be encouraged to clean it using sanitising stations around the gym.

COVID-19 has brought uncertainty regarding our safety, so when attending a gym or leisure centre it is vital to maintain safety and cleanliness. Throughout these facilities, there will be hand sanitising points; customers should wash their hands thoroughly in order to maintain good hygiene practices.

Within the gyms and leisure centres, there will also be social distancing signs and guidelines. It is essential you follow these and try to keep your distance as much as possible. If you are feeling unwell or display coronavirus symptoms it is vital you do not attend the gym and stay at home.

When attending the gym, you will be encouraged to bring your own equipment such as water bottles or mats, as most likely at these facilities, water fountains will no longer be in use. Customers are also being asked to keep their visit and workout at one-hour maximum to allow other users an opportunity to use the gym.

Ultimately, we need to follow these guidelines to ensure we are all doing what we can, to ensure we are being safe, not only for ourselves but for the sake of others. Here at BioDecon, we are endlessly working to make our world a safer place to live in, especially as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We provide specialist decontamination services for a range of setting using highly trained professionals and following the highest safety standards and procedures.

Although the government have announced that gyms and leisure centres in England are permitted to reopen from 25th July, this doesn’t apply to all gyms. So, it is worth checking with your gym and leisure centre for more information.