Healthcare Facility Decontamination and Sterilisation Services

Are you looking for a partner to work with you on healthcare cleaning and decontamination? Do you have a facility that has a problem right now, requiring a complete decontamination process? Are you looking for regular, contract healthcare hygiene solutions? At BioDecon decontamination we provide all of the services and more. We specialise in deep cleans, sterilisation, disinfection and decontamination, and are able to work on emergency on-call basis, or a regular scheduled programme.

Deep cleaning healthcare facilities

We have worked in numerous healthcare facilities, including physiotherapy areas, nursing homes, doctors surgeries, private hospitals and specialist healthcare units.

What are the bio hazards in healthcare facilities?

There are numerous biohazards in healthcare facilities. There is medical waste, blood, and, of course, pathogenic microorganisms. We have a massive amount of experience working to decontaminate environments containing norovirus, staphylococcus epididymitis, CRE infection, CPE infection and MRSA.

We understand that an outbreak can potentially ruin the reputation of a healthcare organisation, and work closely with health care management teams to eliminate the problem in the most discreet and professional manner possible.

We are able to work on weekends, and at night, in order to reduce the impact that the decontamination process has on stakeholders in the healthcare facility in terms of image and interruption of daily activities. Our goal is to work around you, and deliver a fast and efficient process that provides you with peace of mind.

Our healthcare deep cleans are extremely thorough. They involve chemical cleaning agents, and a strategic, planned process that ensures no cross-contamination of areas. We complete high cleaning, equipping cleaning, fabric cleaning, wall cleaning, cleaning behind radiators, cleaning floors, cleaning curtains, cleaning furniture and everything else. In many environments deep cleaning is all that is required to maintain a healthy and hygienic setting. We can work with you to run a risk assessment and work out a structured hygiene plan that runs throughout the course of the year to keep your facility clean.

Why decontaminate healthcare facilities?

When you are deep cleaning facility, you are decontaminating. You are killing microorganisms. However, a full decontamination involves destroying or eliminating microorganisms to an extreme level. At Bio Decon decontamination we work to a 6 log reduction in microbial presence, which means that there is a one in million chance of a microbe surviving the decontamination process.

A full decontamination process is required when there is a current or potential outbreak of a superbug, or other biohazard risks in the environment. In healthcare settings where patients are particularly at risk of infection, a decontamination process is a vital part of the infection prevention process and strategy.

How do you complete healthcare decontamination process?

Our decontamination process is completed using hydrogen peroxide, which is an extremely hazardous decontamination chemical. It is also extremely effective. We tend to deploy the H202 vapour through lightweight dispensers carried on engineer backs. Our engineers wear safety equipment, and are highly trained in health and safety standards required when deploying hazardous cleaning and decontamination agents.

How do you know if a healthcare decontamination process has been successful?

There are different ways to test the success of a decontamination procedure. Many companies use biological indicators, taking samples and then growing microbial cultures on petri dishes in the laboratory. However, this is a slow process. At Bio Decon decontamination we benefit from our relationship with sister company Protak scientific, and have access to enzyme indicators.

This advanced technology can detect the presence or absence of microorganisms in minutes, and so we can provide immediate decontamination validation. Equally, we can quickly identify areas that have not been treated fully, and run another decontamination cycle in the healthcare setting.

Our decontamination process is fast, and our validation process is just about the fastest available in industry.If you want a healthcare deep contamination process that is fast and gives you immediate peace of mind then BioDecon decontamination is the number one choice for your healthcare facility.

Get in touch with Bio Decon decontamination healthcare experts

They are available on the end of the phone to answer any questions you may have about cleaning, decontamination, or any of our other services. Our experts are able to guide you on hygiene standards and best practice, and can help you put together a structured plan for the ongoing hygiene of your facility. If you have an emergency situation in your healthcare environment and need a specialist on-call decontamination team with you fast, then call us now on 01904 405959

Why risk the reputation of your healthcare facility? Why leave risks unattended to and risk fines? Why put your patients at risk? Get in touch today and ensure the hygiene of your facility. The process can be smooth and efficient when you work with Bio Decon professionals.

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