Health and Safety Executive is inspecting workplaces to see whether they are COVID-secure

Health and Safety Executive is inspecting workplaces to see whether they are COVID-secure

As the pandemic continues, employers all across the UK have been working effortlessly to ensure their workplace is COVID-secure. But in order to see whether businesses are following government guidelines, the Health and Safety Executive have been conducting spot checks and inspections.

In order to check and measure businesses are following government guidelines, HSE, the UK regulator’s inspectors, are calling and visiting premises and speaking directly to employers.
As part of the inspection, HSE will provide advice and guidance in order to help businesses reduce their risk of coronavirus in order to protect any customers, workers and visitors to the business. HSE, take pride in offering support and guidance to businesses.

In the case of a business failing to manage the Coronavirus risk, the Health and Safety Executive will take action. This could consist of advice, enforcement notices or even prosecution.

The checks will happen aside from the inspector’s normal role to ensure sites are COVID-secure. But in order to ensure the vast number of workplaces are seen to during the pandemic, HSE has teamed with trained and approved partners in order to deliver the spot checks, calls and visits.

Health and Safety Executive have been working alongside local authorities, including assisting them with targeting hospitality and retail premises. HSE will be making these calls to help manage the risks coronavirus presents.

To confirm the inspections brought to your business are being delivered by HSE, officers will be carrying an identification from their business and a letter of authorisation. But if in doubt you can verify an officer by contacting HSE.

It is required all businesses receiving calls or visits from HSE participate in these spot checks, and failure to do so could lead to enforcement action.

It is extremely vital; everyone is following government guidance to stop the spread of Coronavirus. And in order to make sure your workplace is COVID-secure, there are several steps businesses’ can take to ensure the working environment is safe for employers.

Here at Bio Decon, we are continuously working to make our world a safer place to live in and never more so than during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We provide specialist decontamination services for a range of settings using highly trained professionals and following the highest safety standards and procedures, so, together we can help tackle the virus and keep everyone safe.

As an employer, it is vital to protect people from harm, by taking the appropriate steps to protect workers from Coronavirus. HSE Is encouraging businesses during COVID-19 to complete a risk assessment to help manage the risks within the workplace to protect people.

A risk assessment includes identifying activities or situations at work which might cause the transmission of the virus and who might be at risk to these. Also, within the workplace environment, it is vital to maintain social distancing to help reduce the spread of the virus. And if possible, you should keep 2m apart.

Coronavirus can be transferred from touching surfaces, so it is really important all workplace environments are kept clean and implement good handwashing and hygiene procedures. This is all essential in keeping your business COVID-secure.