H202 Decontamination

Bio Decon offers a comprehensive decontamination service using H202, hydrogen peroxide. We believe we use the most efficient clean-up process available, ensuring your hygiene is never compromised. If you take a look through the case studies on the website, you will understand why we are so confident that the methods we use are best practice in all the sectors we operate in.

If you would like to discuss how H2O2 decontamination can be used in your location, then call our Office on: +44 (0) 1904 405 959. Alternatively, pop a message to our online form, also you can send an email, and one of our decontamination experts will get back to you shortly to answer your questions and provide you with advice and guidance.

What is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is H202. It is just one oxygen molecule different from water but is a highly hazardous substance. It is similar to the relationship between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. CO2 is relatively harmless, whereas CO is deadly.

Hydrogen peroxide kills all known forms of microbial life. It is an agent used in controlled environments to decontaminate the area.

Our hydrogen peroxide cleaning service.

At Bio Decon we use hydrogen peroxide in environments sensitive to biological contaminants, and those at risk of superbug outbreaks. Our staff are highly trained and have all training required to use such a dangerous substance.

Health and safety come first in our decontamination process. We ensure our employees and anyone else that is in the vicinity is 100% safe. We use a dilute form of H2O2 and deploy it through a combination of gas and vapour.

The application method ensures all of the environment is touched and therefore there is a complete decontamination of the atmosphere and all surfaces and equipment.

How do you get an emergency H2O2 decontamination intervention?

We understand there is often an emergency need to decontaminate a sensitive environment. If that is what you need then call our Southern Office on: +44 (0) 207 689 7519 or our Northern Office on: +44 (0) 1904 405 959 and we could be with you immediately. We are always ready, around the clock, to tackle emergency outbreaks of MRSA, CRE infection, CPE infection, Staphylococcus epididymitis, norovirus and any other superbug.

Who uses H202 decontamination?

Hydrogen peroxide is an extreme intervention, but we have a variety of clients that use our services in this area. We work a lot with clinical settings, in operating theatres, preoperative rooms, and post-operative care wards. We also collaborate with a lot of pharmaceutical companies in the decontamination of their equipment and facilities. We have a growing number of MoD, law enforcement, and defence partners who call us for situations that need biohazard cleanup. We have an increasing list of clients in different sectors including farming, food production, various industrial environments as well as commercial healthcare, and medical.

Why choose our decontamination service from Bio Decon?

When we complete a decontamination project, we are always striving to offer the best level of service we possibly can. Our staff is sensitive to the requirements of the job, providing a discreet, professional and personable service. We work on projects at the point of the clients need, you are working as an extension of their health and safety department or working using our existing protocols to ensure a thorough process is completed.

We understand your operation is dependent on the hygiene of your environment, and therefore we work closely with you to develop a strategy that ensures you have a safe environment in which to work.


We are also able to work flexibly around your operations. We work out of hours with many clients to minimise the disruption to their work schedule and deliver maximum value through our service.

Immediate decontamination assurance

We understand that when you have an environment that is at risk of an infection or suffer a major incident, it is extremely unsettling. One of the unique features of our services that we can offer immediate decontamination assurance. What this means is that a few minutes after the completion of the H2O2 decontamination process we can test the environment to ensure all contaminants have been eliminated. A sister company provides us with enzyme analysis tools that work in minutes and provide you with peace of mind straight away. This is very different to the standard process for assessing decontamination which involves sending samples to a laboratory, and it typically takes around seven days to get results.

We run both regular contract decontamination processes and one-off emergency cleanup in the case of severe outbreaks. We are available on the phone right now to advise and guide our clients on best practice in any scenario and believe we are the most responsive service available in the marketplace.

Complimentary services

As well as our decontamination services we also offer sterilisation, disinfection, and deep cleaning services. We are therefore able to provide a bespoke range of services tailored to each client.

Our goal is to be a responsive and responsible partner for each customer, feeding into a practical and strategic plan to create and maintain a hygienic environment throughout their operation.

Get in touch to discuss H2O2 decontamination

If you’re ready to talk to us about our H2O2 decontamination service then get in touch now through the forms on our website, by email, or by calling us on 01904 405959. When you need guidance on pricing, advice on best practice in your sector, or would like a site visit or inspection we will be more than happy to help.

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