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Are you worried that your food production facility’s hygiene has been compromised? Are you looking to engage a specialist hygiene partner to complete regular, scheduled deep cleans? At Bio Decon we are specialists when it comes to industrial and food hygiene. We work with large food producers to ensure that their environment is and remains hygienic.

Why outsource the deep cleaning of food production areas?

Many companies that we talk to ask us why they need to outsource their deep cleaning processes to a company like Bio Decon. The answer we always give is: “experience and specialist knowledge.”

We have years of experience running diverse deep cleaning projects in the food production sector, have established best practice processes for just about every different type of scenario. We work closely with the health and safety department of food production facilities to ensure that our deep cleaning program compliments what is being done in-house.

How do you deal with a micro organism outbreak in a food production facility?

We understand that every situation is different. Some microorganisms are extremely resistant to traditional cleaning methods, and therefore will thrive even when deep cleaning is completed. In this scenario it may be necessary to empty the facility, and run a thorough hydrogen peroxide decontamination process. We have successfully treated outbreaks of infectious disease, MRSA, norovirus, and many other challenges in healthcare facilities, trauma events and food production facilities. We have the experience that you need to clean up your production line, and develop a practical ongoing programme to ensure you are meeting food safety standards and are delivering the best possible produce to your market.

What is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide has a chemical formula of H202. It is just one molecule different from water. However, in a concentrated form hydrogen peroxide is lethal. We use hydrogen peroxide in a diluted form and deploy in vapour delivered from pressurised canisters. In vapour form the hydrogen peroxide can reach even the most difficult to reach spots, and can decontaminate all surfaces and fabrics.

One of the excellent characteristics of hydrogen peroxide is that it is so close to water, and over a short period of time the second oxygen molecule bond is detached and you are left with water. This means that hydrogen peroxide is a safe cleaning agent for the destruction of microbial populations in a food facility. In addition, our sister company, Protak scientific, provides us with enzyme indicators that enable us to test the hygiene of an environment within minutes of completing a sterilisation process.

This means you can have peace of mind that your food production facility or transportation area is safe for operation straightaway. If you have worked with food production decontamination experts in the past you may know that the standard in the industry is to run petri dish based microorganism cultures to ascertain the validity of the decontamination process. This can mean a wait of up to a week, and significant loss of revenue as a result business downtime. It also means that the reputation of the business may suffer greatly as such downtime can attract media attention, and damage the morale of staff.

Our decontamination equipment

We ensure that our engineers are as mobile as they need to be by providing lightweight canisters that they wear on their backs. Their safety clothing and breathing apparatus is state-of-the-art, creating a working environment that ensures they are not exposed to dangerous chemicals. The pressure of our hydrogen peroxide vapour dispensers means that we can treat areas up to 30 feet away. This means that we can decontaminate areas even if we can’t reach them physically. Every clean process is somewhat different and so we have a number of different chemicals and lots of different cleaning equipment that we can use to ensure that the process is appropriate. Our deep cleaning and decontamination processes always benefit from the latest and best equipment and technology and we always strive to follow the absolute best practice processes in every scenario.

Always conscious of health and safety

When dealing with hazardous chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide it is vital that health and safety is at the centre of any decontamination process.

Our experienced professionals are all certified and experienced to deal with hydrogen peroxide deployment, and our project managers will ensure that everybody remain safe throughout the process. We strive to do work out of hours, as this reduces the risk to stakeholder concerns at any food production facility, reduces operational downtime, and makes the process smoother.

What are the advantages of a hygienic environment for food production?

Not every microbial population will cause harm to end consumers of food produced in your factory. However, many microbe populations will cause early spoilage, and therefore could dramatically limit life of your product. This can mean a massive waste of money, especially if goods are transported over significant distances.

The shelflife of items has become crucial to the competitive edge of food producers, and the best way to create a longer shelf life without adding chemicals is to produce and transport food in a hygienic environment.

Contact Bio Decon food experts

If you have an emergency situation in your food production facility then get in touch today and our decontamination experts can be with you immediately. We understand how important it is to localise and minimise the outbreak of a biohazard, and we are always ready, on-call to come to your location. If you want to discuss how to improve the effectiveness of your hygiene standards, or to schedule a regular clean, then we are happy to come to your location and provide you with a free consultation.

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