Emergency Response Decontamination

How long does an emergency response decontamination team take to arrive?

We understand how sensitive and potentially dangerous it is to have a biohazard in an environment uncleaned. Our emergency response cleaning team is always ready to come to your location and complete the project. As an emergency on-call decontamination team we believe very few companies, if any, will get to you as fast as us.

Emergency Response for Hospital Infection Outbreak

If you are in hospital management and have an outbreak of Norovirus, MRSA, or any other superbug, then give us a call and we will be with you right away.We have massive amounts of experience quarantining and then decontaminating specific areas. We are highly experienced with the decontamination process and understand hospital hygiene management.Whether you need surface decontamination, a deep clean, or full structured decontamination program, we can help.

We will come to your site and quickly establish a plan based on our existing protocols and your management practices, and use the appropriate decontamination method for the situation. Extreme decontamination requires extreme measures, and we use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), in order to ensure a six log decontamination of infected areas.

What does emergency response decontamination do?

Emergency response decontamination involves eliminating and destroying all microorganisms in the area. The sterility assurance level that we work to when we use hydrogen peroxide means that there is a one in million chance of a single micro organism surviving. Our process involves working with all stakeholders to get the environment safe, and then, wearing our safety suits and breathing apparatus deploying hydrogen peroxide in vapour form into the environment. The vapour will touch every surface, even those hard to reach, ensuring a thorough decontamination of the area.

Immediate decontamination validation

In emergency response scenario we understand that there is a lot of anxiety. In many situations we arrive at, there is also press coverage, and the potential for serious damage to reputation. We go to a lot of trauma events, crime scenes and accidents, where things need to be cleaned up fast.

We use enzyme indicators to check that the decontamination process has been successful. These enzyme indicators work within minutes, providing immediate peace of mind that the dangerous microorganisms have been eliminated or destroyed.

This is one of our unique selling points, as other companies you will speak to will need to run biological tests in order to grow cultures in the laboratory in order to test the existence of micro-organisms. Our approach guarantees that a location can be back in use faster, and demonstrates that your management team have been able to remedy a situation professionally, competently and speedily.

Regular decontamination procedures in hospitals

As well as providing an emergency on-call decontamination team, we can work with you to put together a structured programme that runs throughout the year in order to minimise the potential for superbug outbreaks. We work with hospitals, food production companies, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations and many other clients to ensure that they remain legally compliant, and that they are not at risk of reputational damage through a slip in hygiene standards. Because of the experience we have in this area, we can help guide you on exactly what you need to do in your environment, based on the control levels required in your sector, and the level of risk relevant to your particular setting. We can work as an outsourced partner, interfacing with your existing hygiene and health and safety departments to deliver solutions that work for you. We can also work out of hours or on weekends so that we disrupt your operation as little as possible.

Why choose Bio Decon emergency response decontamination?

As well as using enzyme indicators, courtesy of our sister company Protak scientific, being able to provide you with immediate peace of mind, we also have some of the best trained engineers in the business. We are continually improving our processes, and investing in the latest equipment and technology, to ensure that we stay ahead of the game. We know how important it is to get the process right through each setting that we arrive at, and so we have established separate protocols to fit in with the different agencies that we work with.

We treat each case as unique, but have the experience to call upon at similar projects in order to ensure that we have a framework that we can work to. Where you need an emergency response sterilisation team for a food production setting, a hospital ward decontamination, a situation involving an industrial hygiene problem, or a problem on a pharmaceutical production line, our expert decontamination team will beon the phone ready to guide you through the challenge.

Give us a call now on 01904 405959 and we can take your information and guide you on what to do right now.

Meanwhile, we will mobilise our emergency response team to be with you as soon as possible. Don’t let vital minutes pass and the situation deteriorate, get in touch with Bio Decon emergency response decontamination right now.

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