Pathogen Disinfection Services

Are you looking for a decontamination service to disinfect items or a complete environment? Are there biohazards that need fast attention?

At Bio Decon we are experts in emergency disinfection, and are able to come to your location fast to create a hygienic environment. We are an emergency disinfection service that can provide you with immediate reassurance that your environment is hygienic, and do so in a discreet, professional manner.

Disinfection involves eliminating or destroying microorganisms. This can involve resistant microorganisms that pose an infection risk, pathogenic organisms that can cause spoilage or other undesirable effects to an organisation. Sterilisation is not always a simple process, and it takes a lot of planning and strategising to ensure that the process is completed in a safe and healthy way, without compromising people or items in the environment.

A safe disinfection solution

At Bio Decon our disinfection processes are always carefully planned, and based on the best practice frameworks we have put together for each scenario we find ourselves in. There are very few projects that we come across where we haven’t seen a similar scenario, and so we always have protocols in place to work more efficiently and safely. Our staff are highly trained in the disinfection process, and are able to carefully handle hazardous chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, creating a controlled environment in which to operate, and ensuring all stakeholders are safe.

Disinfection for food production environments

Food production environments can be very sensitive to microorganisms. When the setting becomes unhygienic, as is the case with an outbreak of a microbial population, it is crucial that you get on top of it fast. Microorganisms can cause food to spoil, and even pose health risks to end consumers of the produce. This can cause serious reputational issues for a company, and even lawsuits.

If you are in a management position in a food production company and require our services to disinfect a production or transportation setting, then get in touch now and our experts will answer your questions.

We have run numerous disinfection projects for food production companies and so we know how sensitive the process is. We can work discreetly, professionally and also complete the process out of hours or on weekends to ensure minimal disruption to your food production process, and minimal attention from stakeholders and media.

Disinfection in pharmaceutical settings

Pharmaceutical environments are equally sensitive to outbreaks of microorganisms. Apparatus needs to be sterile, and drugs need to be hygienic. This means all handling must be completed in a setting that is befitting for the role of the product. In addition, the end user of the produce and products may be very sensitive to pathogenic microorganisms.

We work with a number of pharmaceutical companies to ensure that they have hygienic environments for production and transportation of their products, and we are also on call for disinfection of areas when a problem is exposed. We can be with you in a matter of hours, if not minutes, to do a full disinfection of the area.

Disinfection in hospitals

We work with numerous hospitals and healthcare partners to provide an on-call and contract solution to their hygiene needs. We complete deep cleans, disinfection of equipment, disinfection of hospital waste, and sterilisation of complete environments. We help management teams to stay on top of the hygiene of their facility, providing the management with the benefit of our experience, and always on the phone ready to advise and guide on hygiene planning. Our consultative approach helps us become a key outsource partner, and extension of medical hygiene departments.

How is a disinfection process completed?

Disinfection processes vary depending on the situation. If there is a large space to be disinfected, without hidden areas, then we will normally use hydrogen peroxide vapour in a completely quarantined environment. If there is a limited space to be decontaminated then we may treat differently.

How is disinfection measured?

After completing a sterilisation process it is important to measure whether the environment has been disinfected effectively.To do this we use enzyme indicators to check for the presence of microorganism life. We are able to test in a matter of minutes providing immediate sterilisation assurance, and complete peace of mind for our clients. If any microbial life is remaining, we are able to quickly run another disinfection cycle in order to ensure that the environment is treated effectively.

There are different levels of sterilisation. When completing a disinfection process we consider a 6 log reduction in microbial life as complete disinfection. This is the standard that is used in sensitive medical settings, and level to which medical sterilisation equipment works.

Scheduled hygiene treatments

As well as running on-call sterilisation projects we complete scheduled hygiene treatments for diverse organisations around the United Kingdom.

We work with healthcare organisations, medical organisations, law enforcement agencies and even the Ministry of Defence. Our job is to structure a regular sterilisation plan with the management of the agency in order to minimise the risk of a microbial outbreak, and to produce and maintain a hygienic environment.

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