At Bio Decon, we work with clients where they need us most, and at a level that ensures their environment is as hygienic as it should be.

We work with customers who need to control the environmental microbes to provide a hygienic and clean setting for their activities. We work a lot with medical, healthcare, MoD, law enforcement, defence, food production, pharmaceutical and farming organisations. We have experience with a wide variety of scenarios and have protocols in place to tackle just about any challenge you could be facing right now.

Whether you need a regular contract service, or rapid response decontamination team, we can create an intervention appropriate for your needs.

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What are the Levels of iHP Decontamination Service?

Different clients need different levels of cleaning and decontamination. There are four primary interventions we carry out for customers in the diverse sectors in which we work, and they are:

Deep cleaning – reducing the presence of microbes in the environment and cleaning strategically to ensure every part of the environment is clean.

iHP Decontamination – using hydrogen peroxide, a hazardous and dangerous substance, to thoroughly decontaminate the environment to the level of Six Log.

Sterilisation – solarisation kills all forms of bacterial life, including spore forms, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Disinfection – disinfection is effective against most pathogens, including many in healthcare settings which are resistant to antibiotics. For example, it is effective on Staphylococcus, fungi and hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Hydrogen peroxide decontamination – we use a highly dilute vapour and gas concentration of hydrogen peroxides to decontaminate sensitive areas.

Our teams are highly skilled in the practice and ensuring a safe environment for all. Hydrogen peroxide is a highly efficient killer of microorganisms.

After decontamination, we can test the environment in just minutes from the presence of microbial life using enzyme indicators. This is a far more efficient process than most other companies use, as they are dependent on growing bacteria on Petri dishes in a laboratory, which can take seven days or more.

We, therefore, provides assurance an environment is decontaminated within minutes, enabling the facility to return to normal much sooner than with other forms of testing.

It also means we can pinpoint any areas that have not been decontaminated and quickly retest once we have gone through the appropriate process.

iHP Decontamination of Terrorist Incidents

A growing portion of our business involves the deep cleaning, sterilisation/decontamination of terrorist incidents.

These harrowing events create a challenging environment in which to work, but our specialists have the right approach and skills to deal with the settings in a professional, discreet and appropriate way. We can work with law enforcement and MoD staff to create a partnership where we ensure we meet e protocols and work within the defined area we are provided with.

Incident/Trauma Management

We also work at accident scenes, areas of criminal activity, and other incidents. Our emergency response team can react quickly and be on the scene to carry out cleanup activity to the level required.

Biohazard Control Experts

Our teams are trained and accredited to deal with biohazards. We can respond quickly to any situation and clean and decontaminate strategically and efficiently. This connectivity isn’t appropriate for standard cleaning companies, and take specialist knowledge and experience to operate safely and healthily, and to mitigate the risk of harm to our staff and those in the vicinity.

Infectious Disease Control Solutions

We work with a number of different medical organisations in the control of infectious disease.

We have successfully tackled TB decontamination, MRSA decontamination, norovirus decontamination, and carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae emergencies. We are specialists in decontaminating areas infected by superbugs, and controlling environments where there is a serious risk of widespread outbreaks occurring. We work with management teams in charge of hygiene in commercial, industrial and hospital settings, providing them with our expert knowledge to ensure stringent processes are followed in the decontamination process, and appropriate processes are put in place for future hygiene management.

How Do You Choose a iHP Decontamination Service?

We firmly believe that choosing a decontamination service is a very important task. If you get it wrong then no matter how much risk management you do you are environment will never be truly safe.

You need to choose a company that uses cutting-edge technology, has highly trained staff, and can advise you on the right interventions to carry out at the correct times.

At Bio Decon we are a responsive service with all of the skills and knowledge that you need in a decontamination partner.

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