Decontamination Validation

Are you wondering how effective decontamination processes are? Are you worried that following the cleaning of a room it will still be susceptible to a superbug outbreak? Do you need advice and guidance on decontamination validation?

At Bio Decon we can help you if you’re looking for fast decontamination validation and thorough decontamination processes. We work to stringent guidelines and deliver comprehensive decontamination solutions, backed by a unique decontamination validation process courtesy of our sister company Protak Scientific. For more info please visit

Read on to find out more about decontamination validation, or give us a call now on 01904 405959 if you would like to speak with our decontamination validation experts.

Measuring the effectiveness of decontamination interventions

When going through decontamination processes, it is imperative to understand how effective interventions have been.

There is very little point in completing a decontamination procedure without knowing whether the risks to the environment have been eliminated.

Standard decontamination validation

What most cleanup companies do to validate their success is to take samples and then grow microorganisms on Petri dishes in the laboratory.

This process can take around seven days.

The Bio Decon method

Bio Decon does things a little bit differently. Our partnership with sister company Protak Scientific means we have access to enzyme indicators which provide immediate’s decontamination validation.

Within minutes the enzyme indicators tell us whether the decontamination process has been successful to a 6 log level. We can also provide you with a report that shows that the log 6 has been achieved and you can proceed with the peace of mind that the room is clean and sterile. For more information have a look at

By getting this validation information so quickly we are able to run further interventions if required in specific areas or deem the location fit for practical operation once more in as short a time as possible.

Getting your operation running again

We understand that when a room or building is contaminated, or scheduled for routine cleaning, having space inaccessible is frustrating, and can hamper the functional operation of your workforce. In hospital environments, particularly, they can also put pressure on other departments and resources. Our decontamination validation process means you can get your rooms functional again as soon as possible, and much more quickly than other decontamination services will enable you to do so. We are also able to work around your organisation, deploying interventions out of hours and on the weekends so that there is minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your building.

Health and safety always first

Whenever we run an intervention using hydrogen peroxide decontamination safety comes first. We ensure the security of our engineers, and all stakeholders in the process and environment by following best practice. We use up-to-date equipment that is regularly tested to ensure safe deployment of the hydrogen peroxide vapour, and the quarantining of the space.

We take care of the entire process from start to finish, building solutions on your requirements.

Following decontamination validation, you can have peace of mind that the job is done, and the environment is hygienic. We can also provide you with guidance on strategies to keep the environment safe and healthy, and put in place scheduled decontamination interventions over the course of the year.

If you want a cleanup service with immediate decontamination validation, and to work with a company that has established a strong reputation as one of the market leaders in the area, get in touch with our experts at Bio Decon on 01904 405959. We are here for questions, advice, guidance, and quotations, and will be happy to lead you through the process of controlling the hygiene of your environment if you are new to the process.

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