Decontamination Services

At Bio Decon we are specialists in providing decontamination services in even the most challenging environments. We utilise hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner in an environment at a rate of fewer than three parts per million.

The method of introduction provides a scientifically developed combination of vapour and gas, creating an incredibly fast bio-decontamination cycle. Our cleanup process creates a Six Log decontamination level, essentially meaning the environment is free from biological life.

Immediate iHP Decontamination Validation

Many companies in the market use biological validation to check whether the cleanup process has been successful. This involves growing samples on a petri dish, which can take seven days. Bio Decon are the only company that uses the Protak system which validates within minutes.

Through our relationship with our sister company Protec Scientific, we are able to offer immediate validation using our unique enzyme validation process. This means you can begin using an environment much faster than if you were validating through a biological process.

Who Can We Help With iHP Decontamination?

  • We work with a number of different sectors to ensure their environments are free from contamination.
  • We work with sensitive areas in hospitals such as theatres, recovery and preoperative environments.
  • We work with pharmaceutical companies to ensure they have a comprehensively decontaminated environment.
  • We work with food production companies.
  • We work with cattle in farming.
  • We work with air handling units.
  • We work with the police, MOD, and defence contractors.
  • In fact, we work anywhere that is in need of microbial control and decontamination.

Contract iHP Decontamination Services

At Bio Decon, we offer contract decontamination services.

We can work with you to schedule decontamination at the correct times so that your environment is cleaned regularly and you can ensure, as much as possible the hygiene of the area.

Our structured cleanup programmes can become an important part of your decontamination process and infection control solutions, in which we can do clean surface contamination, buyer to come bio-decontamination, decontaminate equipment and much more.

Whether you need a solution for industrial decontamination, commercial decontamination or decontamination in a clinical setting we can provide you with a plan to ensure that you are following best practice in your sector.

Emergency on Call iHP Decontamination Experts

As well as providing contract cleanup we can also provide you with an emergency service. We often work with hospitals that are suffering a superbug outbreak.

We have decontaminated areas with MRSA, Staphylococcus epidermis, norovirus and many other superbugs. Hydrogen peroxide is a harsh substance, and an extremely efficient decontaminant.

Standard hospital decontamination procedures are not able to work at the same level of cleanup as a full vapour hydrogen peroxide decontamination process. If you have an emergency situation, whether it be in a hospital, after a terrorist incident, or a commercial, farming or industrial incident, we could be with you within eight hours to plan an intervention, and then deliver a decontaminated environment. Our highly skilled engineers are equipped with cutting-edge equipment to provide premium services that work.

Following our emergency decontamination process we can provide you with immediate decontamination validation, demonstrating that we have achieved six log decontamination levels. What that means is that your environment will be free from all forms of microbial life, including bacterial spores, fungal spores, viruses, vegetative bacteria and fungi.

Safe, Expert Solutions for iHP Decontamination

Our experts decontamination engineers are extremely sensitive to the unique requirements of every cleanup setting. We understand how important getting it right is, and how dangerous the chemicals we use can be.

We take care in the full planning and delivery of the decontamination process, as we have the expertise to ensure a safe environment for all throughout the process. Severe infectious outbreaks are thankfully rare, but when there is a dangerous situation, whether it be in hospital or another setting, it is crucial that a rapid response is made. It takes experience and expertise to enter a scene and swiftly begin action to remedy the situation.

You can trust Bio Decon staff to have the knowledge, skills and correct attitude to get the job done professionally, competently and sensitively.

iHP Decontamination of Accidents and Crime Scenes

When there are serious crime scenes and accidents a thorough cleanup and deep cleaning process is often a priority. These settings can be disturbing, and require professional intervention from experts with experience. In the settings our staff thrive. There are able to complete their processes fast and efficiently and ensure a clean environment is left following their comprehensive intervention. We can take care of the full cleaning sterilisation and decontamination process for you so that you can deal with other issues at hand.We take the stress out of the cleanup process.

Hospital iHP Decontamination from Bio Decon

There’s been a lot of negative publicity in recent years about superbugs causing unsafe conditions in hospitals.

We specialise in providing hospitals with contract and emergency deep clean, sterilisation, and decontamination services to keep patients, and staff safe.

If you need to engage a partner that can ensure the hygiene of your hospital environment then get in touch today on 01904 405959 and we will plan an intervention for you. We are happy to work with you on your schedule, and guide and advise you as an extension of your Health and Safety Department in order to provide the best possible service.

It is important that you choose a decontamination company that has the skills, equipment and expertise to deliver a professional job. With Bio Decon you are choosing a leading operator in the industry, with a reputation for consistent delivery. You are selecting a company that can provide immediate decontamination validation, to demonstrate that we have done our job, rather than waiting a week to find out whether the cleanup process has been successful.

There’s been a lot of negative publicity in recent years about superbugs causing unsafe conditions in hospitals.

If you are ready to engage our decontamination services to create a thoroughly decontaminated environment then get in touch with us today on 01904 405959. Our experts are ready to take your questions and to provide you with expert advice on the decontamination requirements in your sector, and in your particular setting.

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