Decontamination Procedures

Interested in finding out more about how Bio Decon carry out decontamination procedures?At Bio Decon, we are always updating our best practice operational guidelines to ensure we provide the best possible service, in the safest possible way.

The way we undertake a decontamination procedure depends on the space we are decontaminating, the hazards we are approaching, and the priorities of our client. In many cases, we are doing scheduled deep cleans and decontamination projects. With these, we develop a standard way of working so we can be operationally efficient every time we visit the location.

If you need a decontamination partner right now, then get in touch with Bio Decon through our online forms, by email, or by phone. We can quickly reach an emergency situation and are happy to schedule site visits if you are looking for us to work regularly with you on a contractual basis.

Strategic iHP Decontamination Procedures

With every project we undertake we are very strategic in the way we work.

With advance planning, there is no cross-contamination, and every area is treated correctly. We work closely with the management team at the location we are decontaminating to create a plan that minimises disruption and is as efficient as possible. In many cases, we work out of hours, or on weekends so that we can work around our clients.

What Is the Procedure for Hydrogen Peroxide iHP Decontamination?

Hydrogen peroxide is a dangerous substance. If inhaled it can cause serious respiratory issues, and at strong concentration levels is fatal. It is therefore vital we have complete control of the environment when we are using hydrogen peroxide vapour.

In most cases, decontamination is carried out in a closed environment, ensuring there are no unauthorised people in the vicinity, vital warning signs are displayed, and guaranteeing the contamination will not escape into the wider environment. Our engineers are suited up and wear gas masks and are carry lightweight decontamination equipment on their backs. With a high-pressure canister of typically 300 bar, the equipment can spray 10 metres (30ft) or more. This means we can operate at a safe distance from bio-hazards when necessary.

Working With Agencies

Projects at Bio Decon take us to a lot of different places and partner us with many different organisations. One day we may be working on a farm, the next at a crime scene, and the next at a terrorist incident. In each case, we understand there are protocols to follow regarding fitting in with the way the particular agency we are working with wants things done.

We adapt our decontamination procedures, so we are in line with how our client needs things done, but always ensure we take an entirely safe and professional approach based on our significant expertise and experience.

Trauma Incident iHP Decontamination Procedures

We have been involved in many traumatic events in recent years, and have learnt how to adapt to different environments and different project requirements. For example, we understand there may be media present at a terrorist or trauma incident and involve complex political or public relations concerns on site. We can work discreetly and quickly, quietly producing results in the background, without taking centre stage.

Our approach is to get our job done as efficiently as possible, deliver the result, and then leave with minimal fuss.

iHP Decontamination Validation Procedures

Perhaps as important as the cleanup process itself is ensuring all bio-hazards have been eliminated. Traditionally, the process of decontamination validation has been done through growing samples in a laboratory. The challenge is it can take up to seven days to get a result.

If the result doesn’t come back clear, then a new cycle of decontamination needs to be started.

This can cause a severe disruption to a business operation or limit its use of space.One of the advantages of using Bio Decon is that our process is much faster.

Within minutes following the completion of the cleanup process, we can assess using enzyme indicators courtesy of our sister company Protak Scientific. In just about every environment where we operate this is the significant benefit of using us over much of the competition.

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If you want to find out about our decontamination process, and how we can work with you efficiently, then get in touch today on 01904 405959. We work with many clients on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure they have a consistently clean environment. We also work in emergency situations such as a superbug outbreak or where other dangerous biological challenges occur.

If you have an emergency, you need dealt with phone us on 01904 405959 rather than contacting us through our web forms, as the process will be faster.

We also available on the phone to offer guidance and advice on the specific decontamination procedures appropriate for your sector, and your particular operation. We have lots of experience in this area, and so we can become your expert partner and work closely with you to ensure that you are meeting legislative guidelines, and maintain a healthy and safe environment.

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