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iHP Decontamination equipment has improved a lot over the years. At Bio Decon, we use state-of-the-art equipment to decontaminate a variety of environments. Naturally, the equipment we use is determined by the job we are doing.

For example, if we are deep cleaning a hospital ward, the chemicals we use will be much less harsh than if we are decontaminating an operating theatre to a 6 log level. In this page, we will introduce you to some of the specialised equipment we use when doing a complete cleanup of an area.

First, we need to explain the method of decontamination.

How Do You Decontaminate an Area?

To decontaminate an area we use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The substance is highly noxious and is fatal to human beings at normal concentrations. It is extremely dangerous even at the diluted low concentration we use to decontaminate equipment and rooms.

We use the hydrogen peroxide using the latest technology. Using canisters and high-pressure hoses to deploy a vapour/gas combination into the environment.

The aim is to ensure the vapour touches all of the surfaces, so the hydrogen peroxide does its work and kills all of the microbial life.

Safety Equipment for iHP Decontamination

With hydrogen peroxide being as harmful to humans we ensure the area is quarantined and sealed off, and our trained engineers wear safety suits and gas masks.

The equipment means our staff are perfectly safe even when they regularly decontaminate rooms, as they are never exposed to harmful gases.

Within a few hours of application, hydrogen peroxide loses an oxygen molecule and becomes water. The bond of the second oxygen molecule is relatively weak in hydrogen peroxide which means there is little cleaning up to do after the decontamination process.

There is nothing harmful left in the atmosphere or on surfaces or equipment.

iHP Decontamination Environments

Due to the nature of hydrogen peroxide, we often need to completely seal off an area before we decontaminate.

We have a range of equipment to do this, and it’s important to understand the job, so we have the right decontamination equipment with us.

At all times we have stringent operational procedures to follow so that the cleanup is carried out correctly, and completely.

We understand we need to work within the protocols of any partner agency on a project and have experience working within various frameworks with MoD management, hospital management and law enforcement agencies.

The Range of iHP Decontamination Equipment

At Bio Decon, we have a range of decontamination equipment designed for the different environments we come across in our work.

We have specialised equipment for the various sectors including food production, healthcare and medical settings, for crime scenes, and trauma incidents.

Our equipment enables us to decontaminate large areas to ensure the entire environment is free from biohazards. We are also able to decontaminate precise areas so as to maintain the integrity of a crime scene, for example, or other sensitive areas.

Light iHP Decontamination Systems

Our lightweight decontamination equipment weighs around 20 kg and so is comfortable for our engineers to carry.

Most of our decontamination equipment is very portable, enabling us to complete a job wherever we go. Most of our equipment is powered by compressed air and is similar to the workings of a jet engine. With the powerful 300 Bar pressure and more, our light decontamination equipment can spray up to 30 feet (10 metres). This means our engineers can work at a safe distance when there are dangerous hazards to decontaminate. It makes us flexible in the way we work whether we are operating in a hospital, airport or on a farm. We use TOMI | SteraMist® for more info

Hazard Management Specifications.

Give us a call on 01904 405959 to find out more about the decontamination equipment we use, and get guidance or advice on a challenge you may be facing, or to organise a site visit so that we can provide you with expert decontamination advice.

If you’re looking for a decontamination expert that spares no expense on the equipment they use and is always ahead of the game regarding the most cutting-edge methods and processes, then Bio Decon is the company you should consider.

We operate under stringent hazard management rules and guidelines and always ensure our staff and other people at the location where we are working are safe. We keep a variety of RPE facemasks, such as first responder respirators, vision CBRN and general service respirator, and specialist ranges. We make sure we have the latest technology and the right tools to do the job with maximum efficiency.

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