• Eradicated COVID-19
  • Kills COVID-19 on All Surfaces
  • Mitigate Risk of Infection
  • iHP Leaves No Chemical Residue
  • Sterility Assurance Minimum 6-Log Kill
  • Instant Validation by Protak Scientific
  • Kills on SARS CoV-2 Virus in 5 Seconds

COVID-19 iHP Decontamination

Bio Decon offer one of the most advanced decontamination iHP service with the fastest most accurate validation process that no other vendor within the UK is able to deliver. We are providing a better decontamination service and a measure of our success is with real time efficacy data and as such we have no hesitation in stating with evidence that we can fully inactivate SARS-CoV-2 that causes the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

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  • COVID-19 Infection Prevention
  • Validate Decontamination
  • Increase Business Confidence
  • Maintain Productivity
  • Maintain Profitability
  • Reassure Staff and Clients
  • Prevent Supply Chain Disruption

Protak Scientific EI Validation

Similar to Influenza A, COVID-19 is an enveloped virus. While this would often serve to protect the virus from possible threats, TOMI | SteraMist® features efficacy against Influenza A and similar, enveloped bacterial threats including COVID-19.  By utilising Protak Scientifics Enzyme Indicator validation technology we are able to instantly measure the success of an iHP virus decontamination & deep clean.

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Office: 01904 405959
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About Bio Decon

Bio Decon is a service designed to help anyone that needs to reduce or eliminate and destroy micro-organisms in their buildings. Our staff are highly skilled and trained…… read more

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Office: 01904 405959
Email: info@biodecon.co.uk


Stop COVID-19 Spreading in Your Work Place


If your workplace does not take steps to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, then there is a real chance you not only put your workers at serious risk but not only that, you put the entire company in danger from a financial perspective as well.  If you have sick workers, then you can’t deliver your services or products. COVID-19 cleanup & prevention is critical and decontaminating your work area is, strategically, the best step to take.

Exclusive UK Distributor of TOMI | SteraMist®

Utilising our services will maintain confidence within your company for your works and customers.


COVID-19 cleaning protocols are essential: strict surface, machinery, general workspace and worker hygiene is paramount. Bio Decon uses personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and specialist iHP decontamination cleaning equipment by TOMI | SteraMist®. Making the correct decision to sterilise & deep clean your workplace or home will reassure not only yourself but your employees, clients and your customers. You will be able to continue working at full capacity and maintain productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency COVID-19 iHP Decontamination, 24 Hour Rapid Response Service

Validated Assurance, Log 6 Reduction
Deep Clean
Instant validation
Antimicrobial Coating

Latest News

Bio Decon Group recognises the enormous tasks involved throughout the NHS & Healthcare sectors in tackling infection control. Traditional means of treatment have not been effective which has eroded patients’, staff and Trusts’ confidence placing a significant cost burden on service providers. Trusts are under increasing pressure to provide effective infection control and eliminate risk at an affordable cost, providing assurance that their facilities are free from infection.

We offer a rapid biological decontamination service to counter an outbreak of infection ensuring a superbug problem is eliminated, by using TOMI SteraMist ionised Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) system. Validation of the decontamination is available within a few minutes with Protak Enzyme Indicators (EIs) from sister company Protak Scientific.

Additional Information

By utilising this cutting-edge virus infection control decontamination & deep cleaning technology together with our highly skilled technicians, we provide a powerful and effective infection control solution, delivering service excellence, reducing risk, improves patient safety, saves time and increases capacity, which in turn increases the operational cost of your business.

About Bio Decon

About BioDecon

At Bio Decon Group we offer a rapid 24/7 – 365 emergency decontamination & validation service throughout the UK using EPA-Registered TOMI | SteraMist® iHP disinfectant that eradicates SARS-CoV-2 that causes the COVID-19 virus. Providing real time instant validation data using Protak Scientific Enzyme Indicators (EIs).

What Is a Deep Clean

A deep clean involves strategically cleaning every area of a room or space, including high cleaning, fabric cleaning, fixtures and fittings, surfaces, walls, stores, equipment and everything else. Everything is done meticulously to ensure that there is no cross-contamination of areas.

What is iHP Decontamination

iHP Decontamination seeks to destroy or eliminate all forms of microbial life in an environment including all surfaces and the atmosphere. It kills vegetative bacteria, fungi, bacterial spores, fungal spores, and viruses.
We use a range of tools and substances to decontaminate to the correct level for each client. In areas that need a complete contamination to a 6 log level, we use a method involving hydrogen peroxide gas and vapour.

COVID-19 Decontamination For Every Industry

Bio Decon works with a variety of industries on to provide COVID-19 decontamination services that are appropriate for their facilities . Below are some of the sector we work with frequently


Hospital Outpatient/ambulatory centres - Dentist - Emergency medical facilities


Planes, Buses, Cruise Ships, Ferries and Rail Transportation.


Bio safety and biomedical - Tissue and blood banks - Animal labs - Lab Equipment


Offices, Production Lines, Warehouses and Education, Childcare and Care homes.

What is iHP (Ionised Hydrogen Peroxide)?

iHP refers to ionised hydrogen peroxide emitted by our cleaning equipment. The process uses a 6-10% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. From a fogging machine, usually handheld, it creates a mist of hydrogen peroxide that, before they become airborne, the droplets pass through a cold plasma arc created between two high energy electrodes at 17,000 volts. Now we have similarly charged hydrogen peroxide charged particles which all repel each other but adhere to oppositely charged surfaces and particles in the air, killing all micro-organisms it comes into contact with.


How iHP Decontamination Works


Sanitisation – making your area and the objects within it clean
Disinfection – eliminates pathogenic organisms
Sterilisation – completely eliminates microbial viability


What Does Log 6 Reduction Mean?


Each level offers different tiers of sterility assurance, and this is counted in logs. Every log reduction represents a 90% reduction of non-pathogenic and pathogenic spores, fungi and viruses – the microbial population. So a two log (10-2) reduction brings sanitisation, a five log (10-5) reduction is disinfection, and a six log (10-6) reduction reduces the microbial population to virtually zero – sterilisation.

Benefits of iHP Decontamination

One of the most environmentally friendly cleaning/decontamination processes available, hydrogen peroxide has proven effectiveness in reducing biological microorganism contaminants to below detectable levels. In fact, offering six log (10-6) efficacy, iHP effectively sterilises your clean environment.


iHP acts as a gas rather than vapour, making it lighter than traditional methods and offering excellent distribution properties. The act of ionisation positively charges the hydrogen peroxide particles, meaning that they repel each other and are attracted to all surfaces. This means that iHP can be used in the open air and in all room temperatures and humidity, and is effective at destroying microorganisms even in harder to reach areas.


  • Easy to transport
  • Able to treat multiple spaces simultaneously
  • Less downtime than competing technologies
  • Precise measurement of H2O2 disbursement
  • Pre-conditioning of the area is not required


Low concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide – With low level hydrogen peroxide at 7.8% it is easily transported and secure for employees to use, giving it a clear advantage over other devices with high concentrations which may be unsafe.

How Does iHP Decontamination Work?


  • Fast-acting formula – Decontamination of Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide reduces microbial contaminants to below detectable levels in minutes, killing bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi, including MRSA and C Difficile. This rapid decontamination service helps to minimise downtime associated with contamination problems.
  • Destroying the surface structures of these microorganisms, including proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol is passed through a cold plasma arc, ionising to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species.
  • Breaks down quickly after use – Environmentally friendly, iHP leaves no residue and breaks down into harmless components (oxygen and water), which means that your space, your business and your operations can be quickly restored to regular use.
  • Materials compatibility – As VHP and HPV use a much higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide, material damage is possible. The iHP decontamination process does not damage the content of the room. This means that electronics and equipment do not have to be cleared before use, allowing overall time to be faster and ensuring that the equipment is also decontaminated.

SteraMist Surface Units

Bio Decon Uses Automated/Remote Controlled Fogging Decontamination Systems. Both SteraMist units can be utilised to clean any types of room, surface or area including large offices, warehouses and production lines.

SteraMist Surface Unit

A Hand-Held Point-and-Spray Misting Decontamination Unit

  • 5 second to apply, only 7 minutes needed for contact, meaning room turnover is swift.
  • Lightweight and therefore, easy to transport. capable of achieving reliable disinfection
  • Easily integrated into standard cleaning processes and protocols
  • Do not have to turn off heating, cooling or air conditioning systems
    0.5-3 micron particles disinfect hard-to-reach areas

SteraMist Environment System

An Automated/Remote Controlled Fogging Decontamination System

  • Easy to transport
  • Able to treat multiple spaces simultaneously
  • Less downtime than competing technologies
  • Precise measurement of H2O2 disbursement
  • Pre-conditioning of the area is not required

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with a lot of organisations on a regular contract basis, maintaining the hygiene of their operations. However, we also work on an ad hoc, emergency basis with a number of different types of organisation. When there is a trauma incident, accident, or superbug outbreak we can be there instantly to deploy an appropriate intervention. We have protocols in place for just about every foreseeable eventuality to ensure we provide an efficient and swift response to the given situation.  Bio Decon makes use of protective equipment (PPE) and specialised cleaning tools for COVID-19 cleanup and decontamination. If you are concerned about infection control, our iHP cleaning agents achieve their efficacy by oxidising biological matter such as body fluids and microbes (Coronavirus) with greater efficacy than typical soap and water or detergent solutions.

What is the Coronavirus ?
COVID-19, initially the Wuhan virus, is the latest strain of the coronavirus. It is a threat to both our lives and our businesses as it does not choose fairly and more likely will affect the most at risk in society. COVID-19 is the latest strain of the coronavirus. Previous iterations have been SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV which weren’t as infectious but had a far higher mortality rate. While not having as high a mortality rate as SARS-CoV (10%) or MERS-CoV (34%), the infection rate has been far higher.
What should I do if I contract Coronavirus?
  • If you fear you have contracted COVID-19.
  • Always wear a mouth mask to help stop the rate of infection.
  • Meticulous hand hygiene and environmental cleanliness play a vital role in these isolation precautions.
What are the benefits of TOMI | SteraMist®?
1. Fights the spread of pathogens, such as COVID-19, MRSA*, flu**, and Staph

2. Kills 99.9999% of Clostridium difficile (C. diff.) spores*†

3. Reduces labour costs

4. Requires no wipe and no rinse

5. Leaves no residues6. Uses no toxic by-products

7. EPA approved as a hospital healthcare disinfectant

8. Easy to transport9. Incredibly fast-acting