Common mistakes made when using disinfectant sprays

Common mistakes made when using disinfectant sprays

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us have been conscious about making sure we are disinfecting surfaces and being more hygienic. Though for many of us when trying to disinfect a surface, we spray the surface before wiping immediately after. But what if you discovered that wasn’t the most efficient approach?

From adverts on the TV or watching cleaners scrub down surfaces a lot of us have formed the belief that once we spray a surface, we are instantly killing any germs which are living there. But there is much more of the science behind disinfecting a surface than you may have first believed. Here at Bio Decon, we are going to explore the common mistakes made when using disinfectant sprays.

Firstly, when we buy a cleaning product, we take to it as though we know exactly how to use it. But the very common mistake people are making is by not actually reading how to use the cleaning product in the first place. Therefore, it is really important that you read each disinfectant bottle before continuing to use it – as not every disinfectant will work the same.

Before disinfecting a surface, it is really common for people not to clean the surface they are disinfecting before disinfecting it. Cleaning a surface beforehand will ensure you are removing any dirt from the surface before spraying with disinfectant to kill any remaining bacteria.

Another everyday mistake is people assuming disinfectant will work instantly, by not letting the spray sit for long enough before wiping it away. When using a disinfectant, you should let the spray sit for the required time, indicated on the bottle. As this is because each disinfectant works differently and not every disinfectant will require the same time.

This coincides with people not using enough of the product when attempting to disinfect surfaces. Surfaces have to stay wet for a particular amount of time in order for the product to be effective. Which requires using a sufficient amount of the disinfectant product.

Although disinfectant sprays are effective in cleaning down surfaces, they are not the only method of killing germs. So, it is encouraged to use other products alongside disinfectants to help kill germs and bacteria such as using hand sanitisers.

Like any product, cleaning products come with an expiration date. But this is something people often forget to apply to other products aside from food. So, before cleaning it is really important to check the expiration dates on your cleaning products, as they do expire.

Some people often have the mistake of thinking disinfectants are an air purifier. Now, disinfectants can do a lot of things, but purify the air isn’t one of them. Disinfectants only work on the surface they are applied to. So, in order for disinfectants to be effective, you need to use them regularly and while ensure you are also spraying them at the correct distance.

Here at Bio Decon, we are continuously working to make our world a safer place to live in and never more so than during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We provide specialist decontamination services for a range of settings using highly trained professionals and following the highest safety standards and procedures, so, together we can help tackle the virus and keep everyone safe.