Bio Hazard Cleanup

Are you looking for biohazard control specialist to solve a problem for you? Are you worried about the hygiene of your environment? Has there been a hazardous biological outbreak, and you are unsure how to cope?

At BioDecon we are specialists at dealing with biohazards.

We have many years experience working with biohazards in various sectors. We have worked with hospitals on waste management disposal and decontamination.

We worked in food processing plants with hazardous organic cultures that have developed in food products.

We have worked at terrorist incidents where pathogenic biohazards have been deployed.

We have worked at road traffic accidents where biohazards require a fast cleanup.

Why choose the BioDecon biohazard experts?

BioDecon has a huge and varied experience delivering excellent results when cleaning up biohazards. Our staff have worked in so many diverse sectors we know we have the experience to call on when we approach a scene. Before beginning any cleanup operation, we first assess the biohazards present and the task that needs to be done. We then work with the controlling agency at the scene to put a plan of action into place. That may include deep cleaning and hydrogen peroxide decontamination.

Every scenario is slightly different, and we work to the current guidelines set by our partner organisation. This ensures we fit within their industry guidelines while following our industry best practice procedures.

How do you Decontaminate Biohazards?

Biohazards are generally microorganisms that have a pathogenic effect on living or innate matter.

They can cause health issues in humans and animals or can cause early spoilage of foodstuffs.

Cleaning up biohazards, therefore, means eliminating or destroying the microorganisms present in the environment. Over the years many superbugs and resistant microorganism strains have developed in different settings as they have mutated and the populations have adapted to their environment.

When there is the suspicion of resistant microorganisms in an area, we will often use hydrogen peroxide vapour as a decontaminant.

We deploy this through pressurised spray canisters that can reach up to 30 feet, and so enable us to work at a safe distance from any biohazard. Vapour is an excellent method of getting the hydrogen peroxide to pathogenic microorganisms, as it will work on fabrics, behind and under equipment, and will reach the difficult to get to places. Hydrogen peroxide is an extremely good agent for destroying microorganisms, meaning a single cycle of hydrogen peroxide vapour treatment is often enough to decontaminate a location.

How do you check a biohazard has been decontaminated?

We provide immediate decontamination validation and enables our clients to have peace of mind that their environment is safe without having to wait an anxious 3 to 7 day period.

Biohazard decontamination validation often takes time, as traditionally biological indicators have been used by growing microorganism cultures in a petri dish in the laboratory. BioDecon takes a different approach, thanks to our relationship with sister company Protak Scientific.

We use enzyme indicators to test an environment immediately after decontamination.

This sets us apart from many of our competitors and makes us the only viable option in many cases, especially when operational or logistic functions need to be restored to an area as soon as possible.

What are the biohazards in hospitals?

We work with numerous hospitals and trusts to deliver biohazard decontamination services throughout their facilities. This can include decontaminating sensitive areas where patients are prone to infection, such as operating theatres and post-operative care, and also involves biohazard waste management, and wards that suffer superbug outbreaks.

We work in hospital and healthcare settings to provide regular, contract cleans, and periodic decontamination, to ensure the hygiene of the environment and minimise the risk of a pathogenic microorganism outbreak.

How do you eliminate biohazards in food production areas?

In food production areas, biohazards can be extremely dangerous. They can cause the spread of illness, and can also mean foodstuffs spoil much more quickly than they should.

At BioDecon, we work with food production companies as an outsourced partner of their hygiene department to ensure their production lines, packing and transportation all follow best practice hygiene routines.

We advise on in-house cleaning processes and support with additional deep cleans and additional decontamination and sterilisation interventions on a regular basis, and provide an on-call emergency service.

Law enforcement agencies and MoD

We are experienced at working with law enforcement agencies and the Ministry of Defence on projects that are sensitive and attract media attention. We work within their protocols, understanding the constraints and requirements of the agency we work with to deliver a successful biohazard cleanup operation around them. Every incident we attend is different, whether it be a road traffic accident, trauma management incident, or anything else.

Biohazards at pharmaceutical companies

Another sector in which we do a lot of work is the pharmaceutical industry.

Biohazards can cause catastrophic consequences if they infiltrate drugs and apparatus that should be sterile. Much like food production companies, we work to ensure a regular structured decontamination programme is in place and correct procedures enable effective industrial hygiene. Our industrial and commercial hygiene solutions are renowned in the industry, and our biohazard cleanups always ensure an appropriate level of hygiene.

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When on site we take control of the biohazard management and elimination, leaving you with peace of mind that a professional and comprehensive process is being undertaken. The safety of all stakeholders at a scene as always our primary concern, and we have established best practice routines for different scenarios and always use the latest cutting-edge equipment and technology.

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