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Kill Viruses On Contact

Our treatments are lab tested and certified to eliminate some of the world’s worst microbes and viruses including TGEV Coronavirus (Model Virus for is SARS CoV -2), Influenza, MRSA, E Coli and many others

24/7 Protection

Due to its unique bonding technology our specialist surface treatments are constantly active against harmful microorganisms 24/7, for up to 90 days per application, hugely reducing the risk of cross-contamination

Protecting Our Environment

Scientifically Proven Effective Against SARS-CoV-2

While traditional disinfection methods have their place, they also have their significant limitations, as they only provide a ‘one-off’ very short-lived intervention with little to no residual action at all. This leaves the surface entirely vulnerable to re-infection almost immediately after treatment.

In contrast, this is not that case with Bio Decon’s Anti-Microbial Protection. A single application of this highly efficient disinfection agent not only provides an almost instantaneous 99.99% reduction in pathogens, but it also goes on doing so 24/7 for up to 90 days and routine cleaning only enhances its efficacy and longevity. This, in turn, provides complete safety and peace of mind.


Help keep your staff and customers protected in an industry where maintaining high standards are expected.


Inspire confidence in staff and clients by keeping surfaces clean and protected.


Instil confidence in staff, students and parents that health and safety is a number one priority in all educational settings.

Sport Facilities

Give your staff and athletes peace of mind that they can carry on with their duties in a secure environment.


Keeping staff safe in a fast-paced environment which relies on speed and efficiency.

Car Showrooms

Making sure staff and clients are safe and secure in a high touch-point industry.


The perfect solution to keep your operations running with minimal interference while maintaining your staff’s health and safety as a top priority.

Medical Facilities

In an industry where only the highest standard of hygiene is expected, we can help keep staff, patients, and visitors safe.


Take a proactive approach in keeping staff safe to ensure their working environment and equipment have the highest grade of hygiene and cleanliness.

About Bio Decon

About BioDecon

At Bio Decon Group we offer a rapid 24/7 – 365 emergency decontamination & validation service throughout the UK using EPA-Registered TOMI | SteraMist® iHP disinfectant that eradicates SARS-CoV-2 that causes the COVID-19 virus. Providing real time instant validation data using Protak Scientific Enzyme Indicators (EIs).

What Is a Deep Clean

A deep clean involves strategically cleaning every area of a room or space, including high cleaning, fabric cleaning, fixtures and fittings, surfaces, walls, stores, equipment and everything else. Everything is done meticulously to ensure that there is no cross-contamination of areas.

What is iHP/H202 Decontamination

iHP Decontamination seeks to destroy or eliminate all forms of microbial life in an environment including all surfaces and the atmosphere. It kills vegetative bacteria, fungi, bacterial spores, fungal spores, and viruses.
We use a range of tools and substances to decontaminate to the correct level for each client. In areas that need a complete contamination to a 6 log level, we use a method involving hydrogen peroxide gas and vapour.

Our Unique Difference

One of the things that make Bio Decon services unique is that we can offer immediate decontamination validation through our partnership with Protak Scientific. Where most cleanup companies take a week or more to establish the effectiveness of their decontamination processes using biological indicators, we use enzymes to complete the validation a matter of minutes.


This gives our clients with immediate peace of mind they have a safe and healthy environment and minimises the adverse effects on staff morale, media attention, and negative perceptions of from other stakeholders.

Highly Skilled, Responsible Professionals At Bio Decon

We are very careful in the way we recruit our staff and in our training, so we are authorities in the decontamination process. When working with hydrogen peroxide, a noxious substance even when diluted to the very low concentrations we use, great care and attention are required. Our staff are safe as we use the latest safety equipment and technology, and they are experienced at using hydrogen peroxide. We know that no organisation can rest on its laurels, so we continually evolve our best practice to get better at what we do. We try to minimise any risk, so we are involved in continuous professional development programmes to stay fresh, stay up-to-date, and the best we can be.