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About BioDecon

Bio iHP Decontamination UK provide a range of rapid biological decontamination services to a wide range of sectors throughout the UK.

Utilising the worlds most advanced and effective decontamination technology the TOMI Steramist ionised hydrogen peroxide (iHP) system provides unrivalled performance, safety and reliability. www.tomimist.com


Our team covers the whole of the UK and we are available 24/7/365 days a year. We understand that in today’s world performance is everything.


We offer a total satisfaction guarantee and quantifiable validation delivered instantly.

Hydrogen Peroxide iHP Decontamination

You can rely on Bio Decon Ltd as your trusted partner who will always deliver the right decontamination, at the right time and keep you safe.


The Steramist decontamination technology offers unique advantages over any other decontamination technology that make it our decontamination technology of choice.

We are the complete solution, providing a quantifiable deep clean, through to gaseous decontamination of all surfaces and the complete air volume.

Our technology and processes deliver biological safety that exceeds all current regulations within the UK. The Tomi Steramist technology delivers performance which we are able to immediately validate with the worlds fastest validation technology, the Enzymatic Biological Indicator that takes just 60 seconds to deliver exact and measurable decontamination validation.




The Sectors We Work In

We can work in just about any environment. However, the main areas we tend to work in are medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, the police and defence, and food production. In these settings, it is crucial that microbes and hazardous biological and nonbiological entities are removed and do not breed or contaminate the environment.

We complete deep clean services, decontamination services, sterilisation services, disinfection services, work at terrorist incidents, complete trauma management, and incident control, work at biohazard sites and monitor situations where infectious disease is becoming a problem.

Immediate iHP Decontamination Validation With BioDecon

One of the key factors that make BioDecon so attractive is that we can provide immediate decontamination validation. Our sister company, Protak Scientific, provide us with enzyme indicators that detect whether any organisms are alive after decontamination. The process of validation takes just a few minutes. This is in stark contrast to many of our competitors who use biological indicators which need to cultivate a sample to ascertain whether anything has survived. It usually takes around seven days to get results of these biological indicators.

Our quicker validation makes us a more responsive and attractive option in comparison to many of the other companies in the marketplace and ensures you can have peace of mind immediately after our decontamination processes are complete. This minimises downtime and the time you need to keep an area quarantined, saving money, and enabling you to begin working in that environment much sooner.

Highly Skilled, Highly Trained Staff

The kinds of environments we are working in require our employees to be always up-to-date with the latest safety requirements and understand the sensitivity of the setting.

As such, our team follow continuous professional development frameworks and are always fully accredited and compliant with the latest health and safety regulations in the areas in which we work. We recruit careful, experienced people, who have the capacity to work in challenging environments and yet keep a sense of perspective.

Equipped with the latest tools, techniques, and technology they are able to complete their jobs with minimal fuss, with discretion, and with a sensitivity to every situation.

How Do You Engage Our Services?

If you want to find out more about us, about our deep clean services, sterilisations or decontamination processes then get in touch either through our website or by phone or email. We are experts in this arena and are therefore able to provide you with expert guidance whether you have an emergency situation, or you are looking for a regular partner to ensure that your environment stays safe and compliant.

On Call, Rapid Response Services

So get in touch today if you want to work with experienced engineers who can get the job done fast and efficiently, and are highly sensitive to the requirements of your particular environment. We have decades of experience between us providing emergency and scheduled deep cleans, sterilisations and decontaminations, and can become your regular partner.

If you need a cleanup right now, then the best way to get hold of is is by phone, so we can ascertain exactly what you need and deploy the right team to get your environment back to how it should be.

Require Our Services ? Call Us on 01904 405959 or

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